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  • No, NatureSweet tomatoes are not genetically modified. All of our tomato seeds are developed through traditional plant-breeding techniques.


  • It’s a little-known fact that you don’t need to refrigerate tomatoes. The fresh, homegrown flavor of NatureSweet tomatoes is richer when enjoyed at room temperature. Refrigerating them in temperatures below 50° F causes the natural sugars in the fruit to break down, and over time the tomatoes won’t be as sweet. Sad face.

  • We grow our tomatoes in greenhouses to ensure a clean growing environment. However, we recommend that all produce be thoroughly washed with running water before eating, cutting, or cooking.

  • Yes! All NatureSweet tomatoes packaging is recyclable plastic with the recycling code #1 (PET(E)). Our packages are also great to reuse, so feel free to get creative. For instance, they make great sandcastles, pots for growing herbs, and gift wrap. Being responsible with our resources is a huge part of the NatureSweet culture.


  • NatureSweet tomatoes are grown in Mexico. Tomatoes were first discovered in Mexico and have grown there for hundreds of years. It has the ideal temperature and climate for tomatoes to flourish. 

  • Because our tomatoes are grown in the warm, temperate climates of Mexico – inside our own NatureSweet greenhouses – we’re able to grow them all year long. Even in the winter months, the temperatures are still optimal for cultivation.

  • NatureSweet has significantly reduced the use of pesticides thanks to natural pest control barriers such as devices that attract insects away from plants, native bumblebees to pollinate plants, and friendly insects to counter harmful pests.


    We exceed all U.S., FDA, and EPA regulations governing the use of pesticides and fungicides for growing tomatoes. We don’t use any more pesticide treatments on our tomatoes than is absolutely necessary. We also thoroughly clean and test our tomatoes to ensure they meet strict compliance standards before shipping.

  • Our packages double as a strainer! You don’t need to remove the tomatoes from the container to rinse them. Simply peel off the top label and hold it under the faucet. Water will drain out of the holes at the bottom, and voila!


  • Our packaging materials are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved for use as food containers, and we assure product safety to our customers.


    All of our facilities are Level 3 SQF-certified. (Only two growers in the U.S. and three in Mexico can say that.) We’re HACCP-certified for food safety at all of our production and packing facilities. And we’re proud to say we have earned an EFI (Equitable Food Initiative) certification that passes 311 food safety and social responsibility standards – far more than what the government mandates. You can trust our commitment to you, your family, our Associates, and the world we share.