To Go Cherubs® & Constellation Launch

Join the Get Real 9-Day Challenge

Real food is food in its most natural state, meaning: Unprocessed, clean and nutritious and so delicious, too! That’s why we launched a snackable “To Go” version of your fave small tomatoes: Cherubs® & Constellation! We like to think they’re a mini-celebration, exploding with all the nutrition and taste of a wholesome snack that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime, in a smaller pack. And what better way to get real, than to step up to the plate (pun intended), and be smart at snack time. Join us for the “GET REAL 9-day Challenge!” Swap out your artificial snack-time foods for only whole foods snack breaks! NatureSweet will share daily ideas for healthy-hustlers to cook up delicious meals, pairings, free Get-Real swag, and even savings via the site. Let’s Get Real Together!

Promotion Runs September to October 2021

Eclipses® Limited Release & Interactive Launch

Once upon a tomato, there was one that came along that was a little different than the rest…Born with the sweetness of a fruit, and the powerful nutrition of a vegetable: This superfruit has delectability coupled with veggie versatility. So, no matter which way you slice it (pun intended), you can’t go wrong! Click on the Learn More button below to discover all these amazing chocolate-colored tomatoes have to offer! We’ve created this interactive experience so you can have fun learning something new about our latest-and-greatest creation!

Promotion Runs February to May 2022

Fall Medley Constellations® Giveaway!

Now at a store near you, NatureSweet’s latest Seasonal Medley is arriving just in time for the leaves changing: Say hello to NatureSweet’s Fall Medleys! To celebrate the bounty of our autumn harvest, we are giving away a fall-inspired gift basket to some lucky tomato-lovers. Click on the Learn More button to enter into this giveaway!

For more information and nutrition facts about our Medleys, visit our Product Page, and to locate our tomatoes at a store or online near you, visit our Store Locator page and stock up today!

Promotion Runs October to November 2021