Recipe RoadTrip

Take fresh salad recipes for a spin

Time to saddle up, get your kitchen ready, and fill up your online shopping cart with the summer’s best ingredients! Join us this summer as we partner with some of the most delicious brands from across America to create the season’s best recipes. From delicious salads with Avocados From Mexico®, to guacamole with Vidalia® onions: Take a ride with NatureSweet® as we share recipes perfect for summertime livin’. Tag us @nstomatoes on Instagram and include the #reciperoadtrip hashtag for the chance to have your recipe featured on our website!

Promotion Runs May to August 2021

Constellation Seasonal Summer Medley


Get snacking on our summer’s best and sign up to win! If you haven’t tried our limited-time Constellation Summer Seasonal Medley, you should know what makes these delicious ‘matoes exciting. It’s the pop of colors you’ll find inside! Our Summer Medleys include our juicy Glorys® and mellow-yellow Comets®! But remember, no matter the season, each NatureSweet tomato is hand-selected, lovingly greenhouse-grown by our Associates and tenderly plucked straight from the vine so you can add them to your salads, snacking and every meal in between!

Promotion Runs August to September 2021