Andrea has been working at our Nayarit plant for the last 4 years. She is currently in the process of buying a house and is working extremely hard to pay for it.

“I’ve learned to interact with others and work as a team.”


People are saying

Hard work always pays off. Thanks my man
Hi andrea. I saw your profile and I am so excited that you are buying a house! Thanks for being a great employee at nature sweet. I love seeing pictures of the people that grow and package the tomatoes I buy. Best wishes and much happiness in your new house. 🙂
Andrea - We saw your picture on our tomatoes, and loved them so much. We really wanted you to know how much we appreciate you and your associates hard work to bring these delicious tomatoes to the market so we can all enjoy them. Muchisimo Gracias!
Thank you for your hard work in bringing these delicious little tomatoes to the stores in my state. Hope you are enjoying your new home!
Great tomatoes! Appreciate all your hard work!
Congratulations on your new home!! And thank you for the cherubs!!
I watched your interview and you are a very attractive woman. I wish you best of luck with you new home and much success in you job. I'm always happy to hear someone's success story because it let's me know that there are people that still believe you can achieve you goals by working.
Hello Andrea Rivera! Congratulations!! I pray for you to be richly blessed, safe, healthy and happy today and all your days!!! When I shop I always look for this brand. I am crazy about tomatoes and products made with them. Best Wishes!!! From Sandy B. Fox
Siga echandole ganas y que Dios te conceda lo que deseas.
Thank you for your contribution in growing such delicious cherubs. Keep up the good work! Also, CONGRATULATIONS on the purchase of your house! That’s awesome!
I thought it was amazing to find your picture on my sweet tomatoes...great job...keep up the good work and I hope you follow your dreams in whatever direction you may go after high school.. study hard ..the world awaits!! Bravo young man!

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