Cucumber Nutrition Benefits

Beta carotene converts into Vitamin A, which we need for good vision and eye health, a strong immune system, and healthy skin.
Good Source of vitamin K
Good source of Vitamin K which supports bone health, wound healing, and normal blood clotting.
Good source of potassium
Potassium helps regulate fluid balance, muscle contractions and nerve signals. Potassium may help reduce blood pressure and protect against stroke, too!
Chock full of antioxidants
Cucumbers help protect your cells from damage due to substances that form in your body called “free radicals.”
Flavonoids and Tannins
Cucumbers contain many nutritional benefits including helpful antioxidants, such as flavonoids and tannins, which help prevent the accumulation of harmful free radicals. These antioxidants may also reduce the risk of chronic disease. Fun fact: Eating cucumbers with the peel provides the maximum amount of nutrients — so ditch the peeler!
One emerging nutritional benefit of our crunchy cucumbers is thanks to their fibrous nature. Cucumbers are a good source of fiber; and getting an additional 8.5 grams of fiber per day from fresh fruits and vegetables is associated with a 30% reduced risk for developing diverticulitis, a painful disease that causes inflammation of the colon.
Inspirational Recipes
These non-starchy, water-laden fruits also simply do a body good. What's not to leave? Whether you're looking for a quick, refreshing snack or to add a simple, satisfying crunch to fresh salads, there's no better place to start then with our carefully cultivated variety of cukes. Chop or chomp right into these cute source of simple, raised right satisfaction you can feel good about

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NatureSweet Cucumber

Tips & Tricks

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Cut at the stem end, removing just as much cucumber as you would like to use, then rewrap what’s left with plastic wrap, fully covering the e xposed end. Keep the unused portion wrapped to help your leftover NatureSweet cucumber keep longer.


Make Some Little Pickles

Combine sliced cucumbers with vinegar, salt, sugar, dill, garlic and onion. Combine in a 12 oz. jar with a tight lid. Shake the jar a couple of times a day for five days, then enjoy.

Long English Cucumbers 1


Long English cucumbers are best when firm and without blemishes or soft spots, which may indicate they are past their prime.
Their color should be dark green without any yellow spots, which develop as cucumbers become over-ripe.

Long English Cucumbers 2


Make sure your cucumbers are thoroughly dry before you store them–excess water on the surface encourages spoiling. Wrap them in a clean dish towel or paper towel—this will help keep out any condensation.

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Cut at the stem end and expose only the amount you need. Cut off the chunk you would like to use and rewrap the exposed end and unused portion with your excess wrap. The unused portion should stay wrapped to help the cucumber keep longer.

Mini Cucumbers

Did You Know?

Amazingly, cucumbers are almost completely composed of water, at 95%! Just one cup of cucumbers equals one glass of water.

The NatureSweet way is

Raised Right

Raising tomatoes right isn’t easy. But the more we give to our plants, the sweeter our tomatoes taste and the brighter all of our futures become.