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Thank you for all your hard work on the job and in school. Keep up the good work!
Great video Rocio! Thank you for your hard work!
Hola Rocio. My husband and I just opened one of your cherub tomato packs. We always enjoy how sweet and tasty they are . Now we appreciate knowing a little bit more about the company and their employees. All the best to you in your future educational endeavors.
Gracias por ser un ejemplo para la toda la comunidad Latina ! Eres una inspiración para muchos para alcanzar los sueños .
Rocio you rock! Thank you for all your hard work, at your job and at school. You keep at it and you'll see, it will all pay off for you. Good luck and God bless!!
Thank you!!
Thank you leticia! Can’t wait to make some delicious salsa
It’s so great to learn about the people behind my favorite tomatoes. Thanks so much to you and the whole Nature Sweet team for providing a wonderful product; your hard work is appreciated!
I real like your veggie taste great
Best tomatoes EVER! Thank you!
Thank you for your hard work❤️
Thank you for working hard and making these sure these are always so yummy!
Thank you for all you do on getting the Nature Sweet products to our local stores. I agree the Cherub tomatoes are the best, and I smile every time I bite into one!
These are amazing! Thank you for your incredible work and dedication :)
I made a caprese pasta bake for my housemates and it was hard not to eat them all during preparation. They were so gorgeous and so so delicious. Thank you so much for helping create such a beautiful dinner for me and my college family. I wish you nothing but the best on your educational journey, I am seriously rooting for you!!
Hi Karina, I saw your picture on the clamshell tomato container and decided to scan the QR code. I enjoyed watching the video of you and knowing how involved you are in the processing of NatureSweet tomatoes, I now feel a personal connection to someone who enjoys the fruits of their success. Good luck in furthering your education.
I love your tasty cherry tomatos and the cute container they are packed in, so convenient. Good job Gloria 👏
Lola- LOLA these were the best batch in a long time. Nailed it
Good luck in your studies! Love the tomatoes.
Thank you so much 🙏 Today we bought cherry tomatoes and saw you. Thank you for your work. ❤️
Please know how much your hard work is appreciated! Now I will think of you, and wish you and yours the best every time I buy Cherubs!
Rocio keep up the good work with your studies and getting your degree. Thank you for careful packing the tomatoes they are delicious. Keep up the good work!
Leticia, God bless you and your son. Nature sweet is very fortunate to have such a dedicated employee. Kevin
Thank you for sharing your story well done on your accomplishments so far and hang in there! The time and effort put into your schooling will be worth it and others seeing your success will want to do the same - a true leader❤️
Thank you for your dedication❤️the tomatoes were delicious baked on top of my pork chops😋
I love love your tomatoes!!! I call them my candy. I keep a tub weekly and just reach in and grab a few. Thank you for doing a great job grafting.
Rocio, These tomatoes were delicious. Keep up the good work and may God bless you!
Excelente, muchas gracias por su trabajo paisano, los cherry tomatoes son una delicia!
Yesenia, muchas gracias por el trabajo que haces. Los tomates que cosechas son deliciosos. Te deseamos buena salud y mucha suerte a ti y tu familia!
Thank you for all the years and hard work that you put into the tomatoes as they are delivered to families all over. They are delicious and I love the packaging. I use them for cooking, my salads and sometimes just as a snack!😀
Thank you for your hard work in ensuring that we get the best ripest tomatoes. They are delicious. Wishing you all the best in your studies and getting your diploma!
Thank you so much for your hard work Paco! Your dedication to your job means delicious tomatoes for my family. Best wishes!
I appreciate you for your hard work and skills grafting tomatoes. I grew up on a citrus ranch and there were not many females who could graft. I applaud you for being an inspiration!
Thank you for making our meals so delicious! I am so happy you and your family are happy!
Thank you so much for packing the tomatoes! They were very delicious 🙂🙂
Thanks for your hard work!! We all appreciate it!!
Armando,thank you for sharing your story and the hard work you do everyday at Nature Sweet!! I see your commitment and accountability to Nature Sweet and your family. My grandfather grew tomatoes and I loved working with him in spring and summer. Thank you - Anna Maria
God bless you and your work.
Hi Rocio, Thank you for doing such a great job! These are my favorite tomatoes..Keep working hard in school.
Gloria, we appreciate your hard work, and that of your entire team. Thanks for your dedication to keeping us well-fed.
Thank you, Leticia!!! You make a difference in people’s lives everyday by the good work you do!!!
Thank you so much for all you do. Congratulations to your daughters! So good to hear positive things!
Thank you Armando! Sending incouragement to your daughter also!
You can do this! It’s not easy working and taking classes! You are beautiful, motivated , motivate others and deserving of everything g
Gracias ! Por lo que hace Dios lo llene de bendiciones
thank you so so much for endless and dedicated hard work. you deserve the world!
Thank you for sharing your story and for all of your hard work! Congratulations on earning your diploma!
Gloria Thank you for your hard work and support for your team. Good people like you make our world a better place.
Thank you, Guadalupe! The marvelous tomatoes that you and your colleagues provide us are a gift--sweet and delicious. Recognizing that so much more goes on behind the scenes than in front-of: much appreciation for your (and your coworkers) for your efforts. Thanks again.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to growing and make these tomatoes delicious!! They’re my favorite!
I love the tomato Ty
Way to go , Juan! Your cherub tomatoes are fantastic!
Thanks to you Jessica we get to enjoy delicious cherubs all winter long in our cold wet Pacific NW winters. Loved reading your story and congratulations on your many accomplishments. I will think of your picture each time I go to the produce department to buy more tomatoes. Kudos to Nature Sweet for their marketing and programs for men and women!!
Thank you Paco for your hard work and dedication! What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. We love your tomatoes!!
Thank you! My daughter loves to tomatoes and we enjoyed the video. We appreciate your hard work!
Thank you, from New York City! There’s not many quality tomatoes in NYC grocery stores and those that you’ve harvested are hands down the best. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and it’s much appreciated!
Hi my name is Sophie im 9 years old. Thank you for the tomatoes I eat them in one minute, they are so good and delicious. I ate one bowl in 2 minutes. )
Hi Jose, congrats on your diploma. Hard work does pay off. I’m making roasted grape tomatoes with garlic and basil with dinner tonight. You and the tomatoes are a winner.
Excelente ejemplo!! siga con ese ánimo y energía, siendo motivación para todas aquellas madres como la mía que ha sacado adelante a sus hijos, felicitaciones!
Thank you Rocío!! You packed up a beautiful container of delicious tomatoes our whole family loves! We appreciate your hard work and wish you the best of luck in your studies!! Warmest, The Yulo’s
We really enjoyed the tomatoes you picked for us. Thank you so much!
What a great idea to put these small bios on the packages so we can get to see and hear the people like Guadalupe working behind the scenes. Enjoyed reading and hearing about it. Gracias Guadalupe!
Thank you José for the delicious tomatoes! I am inspired by your work ethic and know others feel the same. Congratulations on completing your high school degree. Keep up the great work - you are a role model to many!
This is very kind and thoughtful way to show appreciation. Kudos to NatureSweet and big ups to Leticia and all the hard work you do 😊
Thank you so much for all you do! We love the tomatoes and loved getting to know about you! You are appreciated by us here in Virginia!
Muchas gracias por todo lo que hace ! Thank you very much for everything that you do !!
Thank you for your careful packaging of these beautiful and yummy tomatoes 🍅!!!!!
Thank you, Ponciano! Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed — these tomatoes are clearly a labor of love. I finished the entire carton in two days. Congratulations on you and your family’s continued success!
This is so wonderful to read Karina’s story! Keep up the amazing work! It’s important!
Gracias. Los recibi en Chicago 🥰 y me los como en mi salads perfeccion saludos por alla
Thank you Gloria I absolutely love nature sweet glory’s. Just wanted to let you know you’re doing a great job. Hope you have a great day.
Greetings from TN, Rocio! Thank you for packing my delicious tomatoes! I appreciate your hard work. Good luck with your school work. Best wishes for all you do. Keep the positive spirit!
What is surprised to see you inside my tomato container! Thank you for your continued work with NatureSweet. Cheers to continuing education as well. I love that the company is featuring people who work there!
Thank you for all that you do. Gracias para todo!
Wow! Thank you for all you do. It is wonderful that they have shown a spotlight on you and your hard work.
Thank you for all you do!
Thank you for your hard work! Much appreciated :)
Keep up the amazing work! We wouldn't have these delicious tomatoes without you Armando!
Thank you Gloria for your hard work to provide the world with amazing produce!
Thank you Jessica! I love the tomatoes and never realized until today that they should not be refrigerated! ~~~~~ Muchísimas gracias Jessica agradezco lo que usted hace por nuestra familia! Sinceramente, Daisy
Gloria, thank you for your hard work at shipping out the tastiest CHERUBS HEAVENLY SALAD TOMATOES. I eat them for snacks and in a salad.
What a great way to allow customers to see all the sweat and the people behind the product that we love. Congratulations Paco, what a honor to know a bit more about your story.
Hello Alfredo, thank you for our delicious tomatoes. We are enjoying them for lunch today.
Thank you, Jose!
Thank you for working so hard to provide us in our home these tasty wonderful little tomatoes. I like to take them to work and eat them as a snack. It’s nice to meet the one who packages them. Have a great day. Thank you again. 😊
Gracias por tu trabajo . Suerte y bendiciones a ti y tu familia .
I loved hearing about how your hard work and dedication provided for your son to get a strong education. And now you work at the same place! Fantastic! And what a cool thing to do, Nature Sweet! I’ve never seen a food company that has featured their employees on the packaging. Way to go!
Appreciate always having a good product, never disappointed
Victor! Our tomatoes are amazing! We really enjoyed hearing about your life from your bio on YouTube. Keep up the hard work! A great job to nature sweet for highlighting their employees.
Thank you Sir, for your hard work and the desire to learn. When I looked at the top of the Cherubs tomatoes and seen your face I questioned has someone's face and a personal connection always been here and I never seen them. Then I realized I always opened the container up side down. Lol. You inspired me to take a moment and enjoy life's wonderful blessings (these are my favorites) and the sweet treats that accompany them. My you and your daughter always go after your dreams and always go farther then you ever dreamed! Thank you!🤗
Keep on studying my friend and you will have Avery bright future.
What a wonderful smile! I appreciate your hard work and success. It was so nice to see a face whose healthy food feeds my family. Thank you.
Thank you, Gloria. These tomatoes are incredible.
You picked out the juiciest, plumpest, and yummiest tomatoes in my pack and for that I thank you for your services. You’re a true hero in my eyes.
Rocio, thank you for taking such care packing these delicious, but fragile tomatoes! You have a head start on a successful future by doing your best in school while working outside your home. Keep up the good work!
Thank you for a view into your company. We love your tomatoes! Thank you for all your efforts.
Very proud of you and your commitment.
Greetings from Michigan! Nice to meet you Rocio and congratulations on working toward earning your diploma!
Thanks Leticia. We appreciate your hard work. From Salt Lake City, thank you!
Hey Karine hope you’re having a wonderful week or something like that, first time I noticed the meet me on the lane as well. It is indeed yet another pleasant surprise as I’ve never seen it. Have a great day!
Awesome work! Thank you for providing for our families and friends. We appreciate your hard work!
Thank you for your hard work. Packing produce is important because all the hard work and time and resources, like water used to produce food can go to waste if it is not packed properly and delivered quickly. I enjoy eating organic food because pesticides hurt the earth and all the people that earth supports. I am a retired teacher. I am cheering for you in your efforts to get a good education. Books of facts and books of the imagination can add so much to your life. Good luck!
Thank you for working so hard to make sure I get fresh and beautiful tomatoes ❤️❤️❤️
Hola Karina que gusto conocerte y saber el gran trabajo que haces para hacernos llegar esos deliciosos tomates a nuestra mesa , nos encantan en ensalada y con pasta son muy deliciosos Gracias por ese gran trabajo que todos hacen
Keep it going Juan!! And thank you for bringing us great treats
Gracias por comida rica. Thank you.
Hi David, I found you in the bottom of my tomato's package ! Thank you for your hard work and congratulations on working on engineering degree! My family is in engineering as well! Thank you for sweet tomatoes, love them! Regards, Anastasia
Thank you for all the hard work you do in keeping our tomatoes fresh & delicious, I appreciate you
Thanks Armando!
Thank you for your hard work! And congratulations on getting a promotion!🎉 We appreciate the quality of the packaging. It’s so nice to be able to communicate with you. Keep up the good work! The O’Keefe family ☘️
Thank you so much for the tomatoes, Ponciano! And thank you for sharing your story - congrats to your daughter on her degree! Muchas gracias por los tomates!
Hello Ponciano. Congratulations on you and your daughter’s success.. I’m have ing a simple tomato and honey salad today. Best wishes
Thank you sharing your video I enjoyed it very much! You are a star associate for the company. It is Very important you like your job, the people and you are ambitious to get you high school diploma!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻to you!Thank you for packing my tomatoes!
Dear Yvette- Thank you so much for the amazing Cherubs. They’ve really made our night. Adeline and Kelly are making a lovely “Sunday salad”. They Cherubs will play an important role in the recipe. We’re pairing the salad with a homemade chicken parmesan, leveraging a classic Alton Brown recipe. Thanks again!! God bless!!! -Eric, Addie & Kelly
These are perfect and tasty! Taste just like summer. Thanks Leticia 😊 ☀️
Jessica, Thank you for your hard work and dedication to providing healthy food from your home to mine! Lee
Thank you from Detroit, Michigan!
Jose thats a wonderful what your doing in your life and educating the young generation. Thanks a million for all that you do. ❤️ Love the work you do.
Thank you for packing our tomato’s Rico !!! Best wishes.
What a great product, Guadalupe. Thanks for the hard work. From our family to yours ... Gracias! Very Best Wishes.
Thank you Karina Àvalos for the delicious tomatoes!!
Gracias Lola por todo su dedicación para estas ricas tomates!
Muchas gracias por su esfuerso. Nunca comia yo hitomates asta provar los de Natures Sweet comets. Bendisiones a usted y su familia.
Thank you Ponciano for all ur hard work. We love your tomatoes.
Great Job encouraging your daughter to keep up with her studies. Now is also the time to start telling your grandson that he must go to college so he can get a high paying job to help the family.
Thanks for all your care and effort! :)
Que bonita sorpresa, al abrir mis jitomatitos!!! Muy buena idea, conocer a los que trabajan tanto para que los alimentos lleguen a nuestra mesa!! Dios bendiga su trabajo
Thank you for your hard work!
Gracias por su arduo trabajo y esfuerzo en este rico tomate que con tanto gusto nos comemos mi familia y yo. Mil bendiciones 🫶🏽 y muchas gracias.
Thank you letecia for all your hard work
Yesenia, thank you so much for picking the tomatoes and bringing them to my family table! Los mejores tomates del mundo!
Thanks for all the work you do in helping bring tomatoes to our dinner. Keep up the great work-your efforts are appreciated!
Awesome sauce buddy. Love what u do and God bless!!
¡Hola, José Alfredo! Gracias a tu trabajo mi cena hoy es más rica. Thank you!!!!!
Gracias por todo lo qué haces también a José Alfredo Rivera, y a todos los/las que trabajan en Nature Sweet. 🤪🤪🤪
Hello Rocio Cortes, Love to see your video and who packed my tomatoes. I'm from the desert in California. It's nice to see that people love their job. Thank you for packing my tomatoes with so much care! Mario
Thanks for all your hard work! I know it’s not easy but, somehow you make it happen for us! We’re extremely thankful for you Victor!
Thank you!
Thank you Leticia, for everything you do and your many years of hard work. There is no job that is unimportant and you are an amazing human ❤️
Happy to find that you picked my Naturesweet tomatoes. A job well done. Thank you so much for the hours you spend to make my salads more delicious.
Gracias Leticia for all your dedication to the industry, your family and to the customers.
Hello Gloria, we are enjoying your tomatoes today with our salad. Thank you for the excellent care you took and packaging our veggies. Have an excellent day!
Keep going! You’re work does and will continue to pay off. I am very grateful to you for doing all that you do.
Thank you for all your hard work, sweat, and sacrifice! ❤️
Congratulations on getting your degree, Gabriel! I hope you go very far with your education♥️
Thank you for your service, professionalism, and commitment to ensuring quality, safe, and naturally nutritious food (my most favorite "healthy snack-cherry tomatoes," can make it to my favorite grocery store, Kroger. Best wishes to your professional journey, keep doing good to help better our world! 🙌🏾🥰👌🏽
Thank you for your dedication and congratulations on your son’s achievement as a result!
Muchas gracias por su buen trabajo. Como hija de emigrante, es un gran orgullo ver a trabajadores como usted. Me recuerda mucho a mis padres! Su esfuerzo para ayudar a su hijo es admirable.
Thanks Rocio! The tomatoes were delicious 🤤
Our family appreciates all our of your hard work! May you have a wonderful future in Agro Engineering! So cool!
Gracias por compartir tu historia. yo también estoy aprendiendo español! Thank you
Thank you for all you do, and congratulations to your daughter!
Gracias Leticia, we really appreciate your hard work
Thank you Gloria. I try to eat all my veggies when I get the "munchies" and the tomatoes you packed made it into the line up tonight.
I love these tomatoes!!! Thank you Lola! Nancy
Vi el vídeo de tu perfil Rocío. Gracias por el trabajo que haces por muchas personas a través el mundo.
Amazing product! Thank you for being inspirational.
From St. Louis, MO: Thank you Guadalupe for sharing your knowledge and making these wonderful tomatoes for us! In March we do not have tomatoes growing yet so it’s wonderful to have these ripe tomatoes. I made guacamole with the Nature Sweet Tomatoes today!
This is so cool!!!! Thank you for all your hard work, Leticia!!!!! ❤️❤️
You emit so must energy and positivity, I wish the best of everything you do in life-Just believe.
Thank you for all that you do . My daughter and I loved the tomatoes, this was part of our charcuterie board and it was a hit .
I love my constellation tomatoes that you have carefully harvested. They are delicious Yesenia. I appreciate your hard work.
Thanks for working so hard and ensuring these are the best quality, always delicious tomatoes! You are appreciated!
Thank you!
Thank you so much for bringing these tomatoes to me! They’re so good and make me look forward to making salads :)
Rico Cortes Tonight we had the tomato’s you packed to perfection. Thank you so much for taking care of them while packing. I’ve never had written to a packer. I love that we as a consumer can write and say thank you. Take care. Janet
I appreciate your dedication and packing such delicious Tomatoes! Thank you! God Bless You!
Loved reading your bio. I know the work is very hard, thank you for doing it. The best to you and your family
Jessica, this is the first time I’ve slowed down an read your label, I never new it said please don’t refrigerate, it’s cold in there so I left on my counter this time. I liked reading your story so I just wanted to say thank you. I’m retired now and love these cherubs. Keep them coming. Susan
Very good
Thank you for helping provide my family with delicious and nutritious food. Sending love from Lexington, Kentucky!
Rocio, very cool to see a face, person, behind the scenes. Keep up the great work and good luck in school and your future, conquer the world girl!! Gina
This was the first time I noticed a face and "meet me" label. What a pleasant surprise to meet actual employees of Nature Sweet!
Thank you for your work, if it weren't for you I wouldn't get to enjoy the labor of your fruits, your hevenly salad tomatoes made it to a local food bank that I go to on Chapin Street here in South Bend, Indiana it was able to brink my family nutrition Thank you so much. 💯❤️🙏🏼
Thank you for all of your work!
I love hearing the stories of all the workers. The product is produced with love and care. Thank you for All your hard work , you. All are producing an excellent product!!!
I’m so proud of how far you’ve come in both your degree and in keeping our tomatoes delish and yummy. I just had the best salad of my life and i owe it all to you. Muchas gracias!
Gracias por tu trabajo. ¡Mi tomate preferido es los Comets amarillos! Estoy estudiando español y por eso me gustó tu entrevista. ¡Conseguí comprender todo que dijo! Siga así, plantando, cosechando, y capacitando los otros.
Thanks jose ❤️
dear Sr. Chavez, your committment to quality produce, especially the cherry tomatoes, are a testimonial to your workmanship at NatureSweet. Your father must be proud, and there are many who benefit from your labour, e.g. the students in the Adopt a School program. Felicidades from Canmore, Alberta, Canada.
Thank you Leticia for your 25+ years dedication to keeping the cherry tomatoes clean from contamination by providing clean clothing for your teammates. And especially congratulate you on reaching your goal and providing the gift of education for your son. Eres una madre hermosa!
Hola Ponciano Díaz, Gracias por los tomates. They were very delicious in our dinner salad. Thank you for you hard work. Congratulations on your daughters continued self improvement. Tell her to keep it up don’t stop! Wishing you and your family a life of good health, long life, lots of love.
Thankyou for your hard work! I wish you the best in your future, we know you will do great things!
Gracias por todo!! Dios la bendiga!!
Your sweet tomatoes are the best ever! Congratulations to your daughter as well. Thank you for shipping your amazing tomatoes to Canada, what a treat, especially during our winter months!!!
Thank you for your hard work and dedicated years!
Hi Karina! Keep up the great work and wishing you much success with your future endeavors!
Guadalupe, I enjoyed hearing your story and appreciate all you do! I love tomatoes, but cutting them up is messy, so these little salad cherubs are perfect. Gracias from all of us here in Ohio!
Thank you for packaging our tomatoes for us. We enjoy them during the week as we eat salad for lunch. Best of luck in studies for your high school diploma Rocio!
Guadalupe, Thank you for the good you put out into the world.
Wonderful work! I love my Glorys cherry tomatoes. Stay well and take care!
Muchas gracias Leticia por tu paquete, están frescos y deliciosos/ Thanks so much Leticia for your packing, they are fresh and delicious! Bendiciones/ Blessings
We love theses little tomatoes. My 7yr old grandson eats them like candy. Keep up the good work you do. Thank you so much
Congratulations to you Leticia. Thank you for your commitment to your job. You are a wonderful person.
Was so excited to see your story! I am also a single Mom of two children and work very hard to make sure they have everything they need:) Thank you for working so hard for this company, tomatoes are literally my absolute favorite and I eat them constantly…so much in fact my kids say I will turn into a tomato soon! Keep up the good work Leticia!!! ¡Estaba tan emocionada de ver tu historia! También soy madre soltera de dos niños y trabajo muy duro para asegurarme de que tengan todo lo que necesitan :) Gracias por trabajar tan duro para esta empresa, los tomates son, literalmente, mis favoritos absolutos y los como constantemente... tanto, de hecho, ¡mis hijos dicen que pronto me convertiré en un tomate! ¡¡¡Sigue así Leticia!!!
Thank you for the delicious tomatoes! I ate them for breakfast today and they were perfect. Great work :)
Arnoldo Pizano Thank you for supporting all who pick and package. Maintenance is the back bone to any successful production.
Thank you for all you do, Rocio!!! Our tomatoes were delicious!!! Best of luck to you with your academic pursuits!!
Thank you Leticia for all your hard work and dedication in your job!
Hi Karina, my granddaughter discovered your picture “hidden” on the package of her favorite food - Constellation tomatoes from NatureSweet. We had fun reading your story together and talking about how food gets to our table from faraway places, passing from field to truck, processing and packing, more trucks, trains, planes, boats and hands until finally it reaches the shelves of our store. Thank you for the role you play, and congratulations from a 6-year-old tomato’s-lover in California, USA!
Hello 👋🏼 Thank you 😊 Gloria for taking the time & care to package such a wonderful product!! I love ❤️ my tomatoes 🍅 your brand is the BEST! I was so surprised 😯 when I was at the last of my tomatoes & seeing your smiling face on the lid! God Bless y’all & Thank you 😊 again for another great tomato 🍅 purchase 😉🤗
I cut the tomatoes in half to use in sandwiches, wraps, cooked with pasta, as a topper for pork and chicken. Thank you!!! I do a lot of cooking since losing the ability to use my legs in an accident. These tomatoes are perfect. They are the only ones I buy now.
Well done Gabriel…congratulations on your future degree. It was a pleasure learning about you and the product you helped create.
Hi Jessica ! Love these tomatoes! I eat them every day 🍅 thank you!
Thank you for helping to ensure our safety. It's nice to "meet" you.
Teresa Trinidad, thank you for my delicious tomatoes!
Thank you for everything you do! Have a safe & prosperous year!!
Thank you for all your hard work!
Some of my favorite tomatoes. Thank you for your hard work and congratulations on your educaction achievements!
Rocio, thank you for such a perfect packaging arrangement. I enjoyed eating the tomatoes you carefully packed. Thank you.
Leticia, I really appreciate you. Thank you for so many years of hard work and dedication Que Dios la siga bendiciendo 💕.
Thank you Yvette for these delicious cherubs heavenly salad tomatoes. We enjoy them so much. Keep them coming, we love them. Ulster County, New York State
Very good tomatoes
Thank you for doing such a great job for 20+ years!
Thank you love these tomatoes my baby loves eating them two god bless you and your family
Rocio…thank you for the hard work you do so that we have fresh Tomatoes for our scrambled eggs every morning and our daily salads. We love Cherubs tomatoes and appreciate you for your part in getting them to our table. Keep up the good work!!
Thank you from Malden, Massachusetts for your commitment to your son, your job and the customers.
hey there leticia! thank you so MUCH for doing what you do. you ensure the safety of us people and our food! i cannot thank you enough, you’re hard work is very much appreciated ❤️ i hope you have a wonderful day miss
Thank you Leticia and all of your fellow employees and friends at Constellation! I love the tomatoes 🥰Always delicious and lots of flavor! It is nice to know how dedicated you are! We’ve raised our 4 children with lots of your tomatoes and great snacks! The Lidster Family
Rocio, Thank you thank You!! You are amazing and I appreciate your hard work!! You will go far and accomplish your dreams! All the best to you!
My favorite tomatoes. The closest I’ve been is in Puebla and Mexico City. Try to keep cool in the shade of all those vines. 🍅
Mucha Gracias, Leticia!
Thank you for your hard work. We had the tomatoes in guacamole last night. Very good bites of sunshine! Good luck with your degree! You’re on the right track.
Looks like you are doing a great job at work and your life through a good company! Good luck with everything.
It was fun watching your story and learning more about you. Good for you on finishing your degree and getting an education. It sounds like you've learned a lot by working at the company. Thanks for sharing!
We enjoy your tomatos. They definitely sre naturally sweet.
Thanks for sharing your story Ponciano! Congratulations to your daughter and to you as a proud dad!
Thank you so much for a great product! Congratulations on your accomplishments with school!
Thanks for the delicious tomatoes and all you do!
Hola, Yesenia. You have a nice smile. Love your tomatoes. 😊
Thank your for you hard work. Terrific product and always fresh! Muy Bien. Gracias
Thank you!! From Ohio!
Thank you for helping to get these to me. They are so delicious. Im greedy so I bought two more packages before I finished these. Now I’m curious as to who I’ll me after I finish the other two.thank you for doing what you do. You have given me my dirt candy!!!
Hola Leticia!! Thank you for your hard work from Dallas Texas!!!
Hi Ponciano, Thank you for sharing your story. These tomatoes were delicious on a pizza. Congratulations to your daughter on her degree! Well wishes from Reading, Pennsylvania. Brad
Thank you!
Thank you for these tomatoes Jose! They are beautifully delicious and sweet :) keep up the great work! Cheers
Down here in Houston Texas,we enjoy the Nature Sweet. So Thank you for all you do! Your dedication to your part,shows through with the great products y'all produce. So many thanks Leticia.i pray many blessings come your way for years to come!
Hola Guadalupe! I love NatureSweet tomatoes and appreciate all you’re doing to ensure we can enjoy these delicious treats! Your picture was on the Constellation pack I bought, so I wanted to say THANK YOU!
Thank you for all the hard work that you do. I greatly appreciate what you do provide an excellent product. I am praying for you and your family to be blessed by God greatly.
Thank you for the hard work you do. I buy your tomatoes every week. I want you to know that I appreciate what gets these tomatoes to me. YOU!! Gracias!
You’ll are doing excellent work. Thank you for the wonderful tomato’s !
Thank you for doing such a great job!!
Thank you for the delicious tomatoes. I love knowing where they came from and the care you show. ¡Bien hecho! Kathleen in Oakland
Thank you for your job!!!
I just washed up some of your cherry tomatoes for my dinner tonight. Thank you for all you do. Love the Adopt A School program! Your Dad obviously is a good role model!
My tomatoes were delicious and perfectly packed! Good luck with your education - it will lead you to many places!
Hello Gloria! Thank you for the care and concern you bring to your job. Wishing you all the best!
Thank you for your hard work. I love the tomatoes!!
Thank you for the information about Cherub NatureSweet Tomatoes. We love them and eat them frequently. Thank you for all the work you do.
Hi Gloria! I’m making a big salad for my brother’s birthday party with some of the tomatoes that you packed. Thank you and I hope that you’re having a great day!
Thank you for taking pride in your work.
What a great story! Thanks, Paco! Wishing you and your family all the best.
Thank you for your wonderful work, your dedication to family, and working for your diploma!
From Las Vegas Nv . The crazy thing is we share the last name Acevedo . Thanks for the hard work Guadalaupe
Thank you so much for all the hard work you do there 💜
Thanks for your excellent work!
Good job man keep staying up and such a wonderful motivating vibe to see somone coming up with good energy !!!
Your 🍅 tomatoes are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for your hard work to give us great quality and wonderfully tasty tomatoes
Love those tomatoes!!!!
Thank you for everything you do! We love the cherry tomatoes.
Un placer en conocerte Rocío, gracias por tu arduo trabajo. Ten un buen día y que tus metas se vuelvan realidad.
❤️ my lil tomatoes! Keep up the great work!!♡
I just want to say a huge thank you for the beautiful tomatoes that you packed so very nicely. I am cheering for you whatever you do in life. You go girl and God bless you. Thank you for your dedication to your work. With that kind of a spirit you will go far.
So cool to meet you! Thank you for the product you help put out!
Thank you to Ms. Lopez and all of her coworkers for these delicious tomatoes. I used them in my Valentine's Day dinner, and we are grateful they were so delicious!
Leticia, Thank you so much for being a diligent worker. I love the NatureSweet products and I know they don’t make it to my table without you and your co-workers being dedicated employees!! Blessings on you and yours. Mary
Such a great picture. Thank you for helping nourish us! Your work matters. Your dedication is appreciated immensely!!
I'm glad you have a job you like and are working for a great life. I enjoy the cherry tomatoes a lot all winter. In the summer we grow our own. Best of luck to you and your family!
Thank you for your amazing work! Excited for you to finish your degree! ❤️
Thank you so much for the finest tomatoes. Your expertise ensures healthy nutrition for our families.
Taste Great Thanks for your dedication
Leticia, Thank you so much for being such a good worker and for represent all Latinos as fighters.
Keep up the good work Jessica! Hard work always pays off and you are teaching your daughter the same! It’s great to be able to enjoy your work. Makes a big difference in your life!
Thank you Jessica for your hard work! God bless you!! May many blessings on blessings find you and your family. Very grateful for these Cherry Tomatoes🙏🏼
Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication. We love you❤️ -cooking them now ☺️
Jessica, thank you very much for providing these great little tomatoes. We keep them on our kitchen counter. I eat some of them every day as healthy snacks. Best to you and your family. George M
The tomatoes were perfection and tasted delicious. Thank you for packing them for all to enjoy. Good luck with your studies. I hope you achieve all you dream of.
Thankyou for helping to feed the world. Best luck with school Keep going with your studies.
Karina, my family loves that you’re recognized by the products that you help to get home. Seeing the face behind the magic, it’s really amazing. May you be blessed back for the food you made sure gets to a home.
Your picture was under the top of our grape tomatoes. We are in north Georgia making treat for a garden club party. Thanks you.
Thank you Leticia for your good work! So nice to "meet" you.
Thank you for sharing your story! We love the Nature Sweet Tomatoes!
Gracias Rocìo! Good luck in high school you’re going to do big things in this world 💪 😃
My son loves looking up the people who packaged our tomatos! Thank you Karina!
Thank you! It was nice learning about you.
Hi, Gloria!!! Thank you for the beautiful tomatos.
That you for your hard work - the tomatoes are so delicious. Blessing for you and your family!
Thank you Karina! My daughters love your tomatoes and enjoy making "tomato kabobs" using toothpicks.
So glad you've been able to provide us with healthy food and get your degree. I hope you can continue to fufill your dreams while helping others to so the same.
Perfect cherry tomatoes. Never had any better than yours. Wish I knew your secret to growing them. I buy at least 5 to six of the the 16.5 oz packs a week. They are truly wonderful tasting.
Thanks for helping to make a great product!
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to providing fresh produce to us all! You were on my Glory’s package :)
Thank you. You are an inspiration.
Very nice idea to be able to meet you virtually. Love these tomatoes. God Bless you and your family.
Gracias and truly appreciate the work you and you colleagues do! Study hard and go far!
Hi Lola, I’m a newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic and Cherubs are a really healthy snack for me as well as a great addition to my salads. They’re tasty & I can grab them for a quick bite that won’t cause my blood sugars to spike. They’re a bright addition to my life! Keep up your good work!
Nice to meet you, Gloria! Thank you for sharing your story.
Nice learning on your climb the ranks! Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to your customers! And thanks for taking care of your Mom, wish I have one more day with mine so this warmed my heart!
Thank you for all your hard work. We are doing a weight loss challenge at work and I could eat these tomatoes all day long! Takes me back to childhood and sneaking tomatoes from my neighbors garden.
Thank you for your hard work I love the tomatoes:) It's in my dinner salad tonight in Wyoming :)
Thank you for the yummy tomatoes 😋
Hola, Karina, Just want to thank you for all you do to make sure ripe fresh tomatoes, etc., arrive at my table for me to enjoy. It isn't magic - it's hard work by you and your associates. I appreciate it so very much. I hope you are well. Muchisimas gracias!!!
To Leticia and all her coworkers, Thanks for all your hard word! My family appreciates all you do to give us the food we need!
Hello Lety I think it is so cool that your company allows the customers to get to see who is part of the team and we appreciate all you guys do, My daughter Lydia loves to cook with your cherry tomatoes. Keep up the hard work!!
Thanks for all you do, Gloria, to keep my little Cherubs tasting fresh and spectacular.
Thank you Paco , we truly appreciate you!
Hi Laticia, I also love the cherry tomatoes! 25 years what an incredible accomplishment. Nature sweet is a better company with you. It is awesome to hear that your son also is with them. Thanks for sharing your story.
Thank you for sharing your story with us! I live in the state of Minnesota here in the USA. We only have tomatoes locally during our summer. My Grandson Lucas will only eat your cherry tomatoes or ones I grow during the summer. He is fussy and looks specifically your container. Thank you for growing such wonderful tomatoes. Your helping a little boy grow strong!
The video is inspiring. Your commitment to the company is fantastic, you and your family was provided the education that is necessary to further your career and higher education. I am sure you are very proud of your daughters and their accomplishments.
Thank you for these delicious tomatoes! Congratulations on working on your HS diploma! You can do it :) sending you love and prayers from Eastern Pennsylvania!!!
Thank you so much for all you do!
Thank you for your hard work & congratulations on your upcoming degree!
Thank you Karina for your hard work! Love love love the tomatoes ❤️ Wishing you much continued success 🎓
A positive role model and dedicated employee! It is a blessing to have you as continued support for Nature Sweet Cherubs!
A warm and wonderful story, especially about your daughters. You and your wife have every right to be proud parents. Thank you for your hard work and delicious tomatoes. Boynton Beach Florida
Leticia, Thank you so much for everything you do! I purchased the small tomatoes. Inside my package was your beautiful picture. And, it stated you were part of the packing process. Thank you again for your excellent work! Marilyn K. 👍😁
Thanks for all you do! Loved reading about you. Sincerely, Leigh
Hi Victor!!! I love these tomatoes. Thank you for your dedication to make them awesome! Ps- I hope they put a bus stop on your route soon!
Nice to meet you Rocio. Thank You for the delicious tomatoes! My family and I are grateful for your hard work. May God bless you.
The tomatoes were delicious! We gobbled them right up! Thanks for your hard work :)
Thank you for all your hard work! I love tomatoes and yours are the best. Congratulations on your degree!!! God Bless ❤️
Nice to see your story . Continue to be healthy and happy
Dear Guadalupe: Thank you very much for your nice, clean and excellent job at Nature Sweet. I really enjoy my cherubs tomatoes. God bless you and your family.
Thank you Gabriel Bizaron. I love the foods you guys produce.
It was great to learn more about you and your contribution to making others smile and working hard at your job! You have a great attitude and I know you will do great things in life! Thank you for all you do to get the tomatoes packaged!
Delicious..thank you!
Thanks Leticia for all you do! We love the yummy NATURESWEET CHERUBS in Eagle River AK!
They are lucky to have someone so dedicated. What a great employee!
Nice to meet you! Thank you for your hard work!
Thank you Gloria! All the way from good Ole' Va.. These remind me of my grandparents garden! Thank you for that memory!
Thank you for all your hard work for so many years
Thank you for all you do to make these delicious tomatoes available at my local market, Rocio! Best wishes in school!
Thank you Ponciano for sharing your story. You are an inspiration! I know it's not easy to learn a new language, especially as an adult. I appreciate all that you do to bring NatureSweet tomatoes to my home. They are the best and only tomatoes I purchase. Gracias!
Hi Karina, we are enjoying our tomatoes with wine and burrata right now. We saw you on our packaging and wanted to say hi and thank you!
Thank you for all your hard work into putting these tomato’s together, I appreciate you and the whole nature sweet team. Much love from Phoenix Arizona
I’m so happy to read that your company respects your work skills and commitment! My husband, Francisco, and I do as well. Thanks for making it possible for us to have these wonderful Cherubs. Yum! Marsha
Your dedication and hard work are much admired qualities. Thank you for helping to make these delicious tomatoes available. Marsha & Francisco
Thank you, Leticia, for being such a significant team member. You are appreciated daily. May God bless you❤️
U da man Paco, those tomatoes were 🤌🏻
Keep working on your dreams. Loved the glimpse at your life. Thank you, Leslie
Hi Gloria! Thanks for our delicious tomatoes! It was nice learning about you! 💕
Thank you for your hard work & dedication! Nature Sweet Organic Cherubs are the only salad tomatoes I buy. I'm glad your company is showcasing their employees... it makes it more personal to know who is behind the food we eat. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!!
Great job and thank you for your hard work and your team work! I’m enjoying your tomato now as I’m writing this message :-)
Thank you for sharing your story and achievements, Alfredo! The tomatoes are excellent and my go to for snacks. Keep up the great work and best wishes towards your continued success!
Thank you for your hard work and positive attitude. Wishing you much happiness and success in life.
Thanks for providing me with delicious tomatoes. You’re awesome
Lazaro, Thank you for your hard work you do! I work in a grocery store and I use your tomatoes in many things I prepare for our customers in our grab and go section. I enjoy peeling back the label and seeing many of your associates pictures that work in your facility.
Thank you for my wonderful tomatoes! 🍅 I appreciate all your hard work. Best of luck in school-keep on studying! I’m a psychologist in a school, so I know it can be overwhelming at times, but you can do it! 😊
Dear Sr. Chavez, you are a fabulous representative for your company and as a positive influence for adults and young people in your community. Gracias!
¡Bien hecho! Keep up the great work. Remind others how important education is and continue to be a great example. I want to know the secret for growing these delicious perfect cherry tomatoes.
Hi Rocío! I love getting to see the people that work with the food that I purchase. I like the Nature Sweet cherubs because they make a good healthy snack and they are great to add to any meal. Thank you for all the great work that you do! -Samantha
Thank you Lola for your faithfulness in grafting and making quality tomatoes available to us in the Midwestern US year round. Glad you're taking advantage of the employee benefits. I've also found counseling very helpful. God bless you!
Love those cherry tomatoes
Hi Gloria!! This is a cool idea! Thanks for your hard work and delicious tomatoes!!
Hola Jessica, I live in the US in the far north. It is not possible to grow fresh produce in the winter so it is important to find good quality produce for my family during this time of year. As a mother I know serving good food to your family is important. I want to thank you for your part in providing such delicious tomatoes to us consumers. I purchase Nature Sweet because of the excellent flavor and quality. You are all much appreciated!
Hello Gloria from Good Shepherd Lutheran preschool in Minnesota. One of our children brought these tasty tomatoes for a snack today. Many children received an "I tried it" sticker because they ate a tomato. Lots of other kids knew that they already liked them and gobbled some up. They loved the fact that they knew who worked on getting our tomatoes all the way to our classroom!
Karina thank you so much for all you do for this company. Everyone is very grateful. and name twinsies!!!
Hi Yvette, I live in Kingston, New York. Thank you for helping my grape tomatoes be so yummy. Enjoy, Barbara
Saw your profile from the package. Please know that I REALLY love your company’s product and I thank you for the work you do! Viva NatureSweet!
Gabriel, thank you for providing us great tomatoes 🍅 here in the United States. May God continue to Bless you always. We appreciate your hearing about your history
What a lovely story Leticia! You are singled out so nicely by this company ( from whom I buy my tomatoes in Montana). We notice you delightfully as this application allows us! You remind me of my early years when I was fortunate to visit Mexico every summer as a growing child and I have forever been in love with Mexico and her deeply good people! You exemplify the kindness and goodness of humankind! Thank you!
Thanks for all you do, Paco!
Keep up the great work . I bought these in Aldi's they are great and hope to keep getting them in the store these were the heirloom. Stuff here in Myrtle Beach are hard to come by so hope to get more THANK YOU ALL
Hi Gloria! My sister and I are big fans of your tomatoes. I put them in my salad and Kelsey eats them right out of the container. Thank you for your hard work!!!
Jose, thank you for your great work. We enjoy your tomatoes almost every day with our breakfast. Congratulations on completing your high school education!!
Fantastic Paco and Blanca! It sounds like you set a beautiful example of achievement through hard work-bravo!
¡Muchas gracias, Karina! Delicious tomatoes packed perfectly!
Thank you for uncovering nature’s candy!! These tomatoes are the best!!!
Thank you for all of your hard work! God bless you!
Hello from The Bronx, NY! I too worked through high school and later college. Thank you for your role in helping my family eat delicious and healthy food.
Thank you for all you do! God Bless! Michael
My little niece and nephew eat the tomateos like candy...they are a delicious snack.
Thanks for your hard work! I love your tomatoes.
God bless you, Gabriel.
Greetings from Minnesota! Thank you you, Paco, for all of your hard work! It was such a wonderful surprise to see your smiling face when I opened up my tomatoes for my supper. 😊 It sounds like you do indeed have a beautiful family! May God bless you all!
Thank you for all the hard work you do! You are crucial to making sure people have the food they need. Your contribution to others is so appreciated. All the best with your education goals!
I love the tomatoes 🍅 they are delicious 😋 thank you for your hard work!
Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I love your product.
Nothing but love coming from sweden, keep up the great work!!
Your work is appreciated! We are always satisfied with these delicious and clean products
Everyone loves the tomatoes! Thank you for your quality work.
I pay a little more for these tomatoes, but they are always fresh and delicious. I appreciate your hard work getting this product to our table for us to enjoy. Bless you!
Thank you for all your hard work. We all love Naturesweet tomatoes.
My name is Leslie and I live in Maine. In the winter I buy the NatureSweet because it is as close to my summer tomatoes. For Yeats I have enjoyed these sweet cherubs. Thank you for your hard work and devotion. We really appreciate it and never take it for granite. Love your picture. Be safe and well. God Bless you and yours. Leslie Sargent
Hi Gloria. The cherubs are delicious and thank you so much for working hard to make your customers happy. Congrats on a wonderful career so far. Tell your MOM hello from Florida.
Thank you for sharing your story. It is important for us to know the people putting food on our tables and working hard to improve their lives and the lives of others. You are making your mark in this world!
Thank you for the delicious tomatoes!!
Your picture was under the label of Nature Sweet Cherubs & I wanted to let you know you are important to helping me eat well! I love the cherubs & appreciate your part in getting them to me. Good luck on school work. Sometimes it can be rather hard studying & working but I believe you can do it. Always be you & you will stay special throughout your journey. Thank you again in what you do.
i can't believe you work so hard just for me to sit here eating tomatoes on the couch! after some research because of your account and you work so hard!! thank you for everything you do!
Delicious product, I eat snacks almost every day!
Thank you, Paco! Your hard work is appreciated more than you know!!!
Great job! Thank you! Have a great day!
Thank you for your hard work! Working on your high school diploma is exciting! I wish you all the best!
Thank you for doing what you do not only do you affect the lives of others you work for a company that knows family matters. God bless.
Ola Rocio from New York! Thank you for letting us get to know more about you! Good luck on your goal of a HS diploma! Maria
Congratulations, Gloria! Thank you for sharing your story. Keep up the good work. Cathy in Los Angeles
I won't spend my money on any other brand! The dedication and thought that was put into each pick shows! My family will always choose you guys! Blessings to you and yours!
Thanks for your hard work, my family loves Nature Sweet tomatoes!
Thank you for all of your hard work over the last six years. I love hearing about everything. The company does for its sweet family. I would never buy any other tomato. Yours are the best! Blessings to you and your family.
Love hearing your story. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. May you and your family have a blessed 2023 year.
I loved reading about your story and how your company puts these cute QR code to learn more about the important "behind the scenes" on goings! I hope your girls continue to grow in education and you and Blanca have a wonderful life!
Victor, I commend you for your dedication and commitment to your job! It’s’ employees like you who are an asset to your company, your customers and your family! Thank you!
Thank you! We appreciate all the work you do!
Best of the best ! Thank you ! From the Hudson Valley New York
Well, I drew your ticket on the package of Cherub organic tomatoes up here at an Aldi store in Michigan. Thank you for your work. Vaya con Dios Paco.
When I buy the Cherubs I can’t wait to get home and open the top to see who my packer was. I think it’s a get idea with a personal touch. Thank you for all that you do! God bless. Debbie
Made Caprese tomatoes with your cherry tomatoes! It was a hit. Hi from Atlanta GA
Congratulations David on your journey towards a degree in Engineering with focus on sustainable agriculture innovation! We need more sustainability in the world today! Appreciate your role in the great tomatoes I enjoyed. Saw the label when I went to discard it and something told me me to check it out. Glad I did. Good to meet the folks who grow the wonderful foods we enjoy! Thanks and Best wishes!!
Thank you so much, Rocío! We appreciate you!! Sending hugs from USA.
Mighty good tomatoes 🍅!
Loved my tomatoes. Appreciate the hard work.
Great work, thanks for sharing your story!
Thank you, Leticia, for all your hard work and dedication. It’s appreciated more than you know. God bless you!
Thank you for you hard dedicated work. I truly appreciate you!!
You are working hard so far away from me, yet I can greatly enjoy the product of your work so far away from you. Thank you. Yummy, colorful, little tomatoes. A celebration in a bowl!
Great snacks. Had for breakfast with my coffee. Thanks.
Keep up the amazing work!! I see you and appreciate you!! Much love to you, just like the love these sweet cherubs give to me!!
Hi Yesenia! I ate some of the tomates you picked today and they were delicious! Hope you are well. :-)
José my man thank you soo much these tomatoes are incredible just like your work!!!😁💯
Muchas Gracias Karina!
Thank you for the tomatoes!
Love cherubs. Thanks for all u too our hard work!!! Your story is uplifting
Hi Yvette! I will be reminded of you whenever I buy Cherubs! It’s nice to be able to put a face with a product! Thanks for providing great tomatoes all through the year, and supporting the agricultural industry! God Bless!
I was using the tomatoes on my salad and noticed your photo and decided to read about you. Such an inspiration you are and a testament of hard work and dedication! Keep up the great work. Stay safe and blessed!
I happened to check out the opportunity to meet the people who pick and pack these darn good tomatoes. It's really cool to see the people behind the scenes working to provide this product. Good on you for furthering your education!!
The cherry tomatoes were awesome, and a great topper for our caprese flatbread! Thanks Yesenia!
Thank you, thank you for helping, and developing such great tomatoes'. We now have summer in our home all year long.. Thank you and your fellow workers for such a truly GREAT product.
Hola, Gloria Loved the sweet selection of tomatoes, packaged by you and associates. I have made a perfect decision in trying these particular ones. Never had then before but now I’ll always put on my shopping list. May God bless you all. My best wishes for you.🙏🏼
Paco, your picture made my roommate & I smile. Thank you for providing such delicious tomatoes with a smile. We need more people like you!
I have committed to pray for the listed employee and their family everytime I open a package of Nature Sweet Cherubs. So, Paco, I have prayed for you, your wife, and your two daughters. God’s richest blessings on you!
Thank you for the work you do :)
Hello from NY! Thank you for all your hard work, Gloria! So nice to “meet” you!
Thank you for everything you do !!!!!
Thank you so much for your hard work and these yummy tomatoes!! You are beyond appreciated. Have a beautiful day Yesenia!!!💐💐💐
Victor great news sharing the employee experience for the customer, you’re appreciated for dedication in quality
Congrats, Gabriel, on your degree! And thanks for helping make our tomatoes so tasty :-)
Hi Rocio, It was a nice surprise to see your picture! And I love your tomatoes. They are like candy! Thanks for packing them so nicely. Like you, I worked on a farm as a student, it was a lot of fun and also hard work. I learned a lot and it has always served me well. I wish you a wonderful day and good luck. Keep smiling! Sandy
Jose these tomatoes really made my dinner amazing tonight. I really love your work. Cheers!
Thank you Keep up the good work
Gracias! ☺️
Thanks for the delicious tomatoes! Great job, Gloria, from San Diego!😊
Thank you for your brilliant commitment to growing the best tomatoes! We buy them every week!
Thanks for your hard work. I love the product.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😍😍😍😍
Thanks for everything you do. We all pay a crucial part.
It was so nice to learn about you! Follow your dreams and goals!! Thank you for all that you do.
Hello Rocio! From Nueva York! Thank you for being a part of making my tummy happy. Keep up the good work and infectious energy! It’s vital to the success of a wonderful company. Happy Day! Nancy
Thank You for all of your hard work!
Hi Gloria, It is so nice to meet you and hear your story. I hope you and your family are doing well and wish you all the best!
Good morning sir, I just watched your interview, oh my goodness you should be very proud of yourself. I’m very impressed with your success so far. I encourage you to keep reaching for the best. Thanks for being a part of a great organization and providing us with awesome food. Congratulations Gabriel! ~Jeff
Thank you for sharing your work family stories. I think this is a great idea . It helps show that you are committed to your workers and your customers, and community.
Thank you, we appreciate you!
Congratulations congratulations on your diploma. Thank you for these sweet tomatoes! Have a wonderful day!
Love the tomatoes. Tasted great 😃👍. Have to thank you myself. Thank you brother and always stay safe
David nice to meet you! Whatever you’re doing is WORKING! Tasty store bought ‘maters. Tonight you gave me tomatoes & I roasted them added fresh garlic at the end, with some Feta, Pasta & fresh Basil! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!
Thank you for your service!!
Thank you for picking the sweet cherry tomatoes, I roasted them in the oven and then made a nice fresh tomato sauce with fresh basil, thyme and rosemary For my 87 year old Mom and my daughter, Chrissy. I worked in a farm when I was in college, so I know you will go on to school and wish you a wonderful life. Best wishes, Theresa
It was great getting to know a little about you. I hope you have much success during your studies. That's for all your hard work!
First, congratulations on your daughter getting her degree. Second, thank you for all you do!😊. Your tomatoes are always so sweet and delicious! I buy only these. Thank you again! From Nashville, TN
Thanks for your hard work. Congratulations on promotion from PA!
Rocio - I’m so happy to learn that you’re obtaining your high school diploma. Good for you! Never give up on yourself. You’re all you have and I believe in you. Become the best version of yourself possible! Keep on keeping on! - Linda
I love reading about your story. How amazing to finish your education while establishing a career. All the very best to you and yours!
These are the only tomatoes I buy. The fresh, delicious taste is always consistent. Thank you, Leticia.
These tomatoes are absolutely delicious, thank you! We live in Pennsylvania and have a garden in the summer, but have a hard time finding good tomatoes in the colder months. These cherubs saved the day!! Our family loved to read about you and your family working together….and we are so happy to hear your daughters success stories. Thanks for sharing, and for growing these amazing tomatoes!
Your hard work is so much appreciated. Best cherry tomatoes EVER. Nature Sweet sound lucky to have such a professional! Marsha
Keep up the good work! Thank you...
Hi Gloria! Thanks for doing what you do!! Much appreciated!!
Thank you for a job well done. You deserve a raise.
Thank you for sharing your inspiring story! Pack, you are a delight!! We eat Nature Sweet Cherubs as a snack, on salads and in recipes. We LOVE them! Congratulations on teaching your daughters to work hard for your their dream! Wishing you all the best!
Thanks friend! I appreciate you and all you do!!
We loved your story and congratulations on your achievements all the way from New York!
Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We buy Nature Sweet tomatoes weekly! We appreciate you!
Thanks for doing a great job ! I love your cherubs tomatoes! It was so nice to learn about you !
Gloria, we’re enjoying your delicious tomatoes in New Jersey! Thank you for the hard work you do!
Hello Rocio thank you for all that you do ! Your job doesn’t go unnoticed and many families like mine are thankful of your hard work to help bring food to our tables ! Wishing you many blessing and success !
Thank you Juana! Enjoying your product all the way in Virginia! I appreciate everything you do!
Thank you! You are doing a great job!!! The best tomatoes ever!!
Great work! Congratulations on your education and thank you for your hard work so we can enjoy our tomatoes!!!
Thank you for putting so much hard work, passion, and commitment into creating a tasty product —we're grateful for you!
Great job Gabriel! Working hard and getting your education, you should be proud. Good luck in life, my man! Shoot for the stars!
These tomatoes are sooooo delicious!! Best I’ve ever had! Good job! A lot of them packed in here to! Thank you! Appreciate you:)
Like your picture! Thank you for your dedicated service
My family enjoys these tomatoes. When we eat them they taste like sunshine. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
Hi Rocio, Hello from Montana! Great video! Keep up the great work and positive attitude! You have a bright future! Tara
Enjoyed your tomatoes all the way in Portland, Oregon! Thank you!
I saw your face inside my label as I threw the label in the trash. The face kept following me in the kitchen. I had to pick the label out the trash can. Glad I did. Keep up the good work David and follow your dream. LORETTA from Texas
Loved the cherry tomatos, great job Paco
Thank you for your hard work! I am thankful to you and all ag workers around the globe who provide food for the rest of us. Keep working on your degree what an accomplishment!!
This is awesome and Thank You for your hard work to assure we get the best tomatoes!! Thank You Nature Sweet as well all the way from Paris, Tn!! We love your product!
Hello! I just ate some heavenly salad tomatoes, they REALLY are heavenly! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved snacking on tomatoes, and I’m just so thankful to you all who make it possible for us to get our tomatoes from our grocery stores, your hard work and dedication to provide the best quality is appreciated.
I just noticed the label on the tomato package packaged by Gloria! how neat is this and congratulations on your promotion and hard work for over 17 years. these tomatoes are so delicious every single one of them perfect, for snacking or salads. Seems like a great company to work for.
Thank you for working so hard to provide such an excellent product. We love those little tomatoes!
Dear Leticia, I was excited to see your photo on my delicious Nature Sweet Cherubs. Thank you for your hard work & this great product. I buy them almost every week. My little grandson eats tons of them, as if they were candy! Keep up the great work. It matters!
Hi Jessica glad to have you hope you are able to meet your dreams in life for you and your family god bless you you will he added to my prayer list
Great picture! I hope you’re hard work brings you much happiness and success! Thanks to you and your team for keeping us healthy!
Rocio, I saw your video and was so impressed by your enthusiasm for your work and your positive attitude. I wish you all the best in getting your high school diploma and going forward life! JANE
Very good products Victor. Keep up the good work it is worth it.
Keep up the great work. Good quality product.
Thank you Leticia for your hard work. Its wonderful to see a profile of a person behind the product dedicated to their job. My family appreciates you!
Hi. My name is Molly and I love your tomatoes sooooo much I'm turning red. Keep up the great work. It's hard workers like you that make a great product. And a very Productive company.
Thanks for all you do Rocio! Love these tomatoes so much.
Dear Leticia, thank you for what you do at nature sweet. We are enjoying your tomatoes in our salad tonight. Thank you very much. Smith family.
Hello Katrina! Thank you for the hard work each day! My family and friends are eating healthy each day because of you!! Keep up the good work and Thank You for what you do each day!
My wife and I don't know you but both of us are proud of you for what you do and your work ethics. Keep up the good work and keep going for that degree in engineering. You won't regret it.
Never noticed the QR code previously and think it’s brilliant! Thank you!
I found the QR code and checked it out. Love your enthusiasm! I choose Nature Sweet Cherubs because they are good all the way through until I empty the package (other brands, I end up throwing some damaged or spoiled ones out). Thanks for caring about what you do!
Hope you enjoy your job as much as I enjoy the tomatoes ! It must be a great place to work for you to be there as long as you have. God bless you all
You’re doing a great job, going to school and working ! Keep up the amazing job you are doing. Good tomatoes too
These tomatoes are delicious. Thanks for your hard work in getting this product to my table.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I appreciate the wonderful tomatoes that result.
I enjoyed so much listening to your story and what Nature Sweet has done for you, your family, and school system. May God continue to bless you and your family
Congratulations on getting your high school diploma. Thanks for all you do!
a delicious addition to our wedge salads! thank you, yesenia.
Nice work Jose! Congratulations on your education. Thank you for all your hard work!
I bought twilights tomatoes, they are so perfect as if picked by hands. Thank you Paco for your work!
Thank you Leticia for your dedication!
Thank you Lola! Quality product!
Thanks for yummy tomatoes!! Love Josie and Kate age 2 and 4.
Hi Gloria ! One of your packages came all the way to CT, I’m enjoying them now. Thanks for your hard work 🙂
Greetings from Florida. Bought at Aldi
Good morning Victor. Thank you for all of your hard work! We really admire your positive attitude and work ethic. Thank you from my family, wishing you and yours all the best. Have a great day! 😊😚
Thank you, Rocio, and all the hard workers who help feed my family!
Thank you for highlighting these important individuals!! I really enjoyed showing my kids and explaining the detailed work that goes into getting their favorite snack. Thank you, Leticia, for your dedication!
Tonight, as we were cutting our tomatoes for dinner we noticed just how deliciously tart they were. We looked at the plastic packaging and saw your smile. We appreciate your hard work and are grateful to get to hear your story. Wishing you the best!
Dear Laura, Your expert work picking these little gems is recognized. Each one smiles me as I taste them. Your hard work is appreciated.Thank you…❤️ Best wishes for a great 2023! Sincerely, Carol
Love your story Jessica ….what a great family oriented company you work for! Thank you for doing such great work with the tomatoes, they truly are the best tasting . Best wishes for you and your family in 2023.
Thank you for all of your hard work. And keep working hard to get that diploma! Who knows…maybe a college degree after that!!
Hola Karina! Thank you for all your hard work. We love the Nature Sweet Cherub tomatoes. Congratulations on working towards your degree. The sky is the limit!
Thank you for your hard work.I appreciate it. Be safe and blessed.
David, Keep up the good attitude and work ethic. We appreciate you and Nature Sweet. Jack and Joan
Bless you for your willing mind and spirit and for supporting your daughter in her goad to graduate. I love your tomatoes, and they are the only ones I buy, unless I’m cooking with them and need bigger ones! Continue on with your dedication to your work and your family. I salute you. 🫡
I just opened my package of cherry tomatoes and what a surprise to see that I can scan the QR code and learn about ROCÍO CORTÉS. I love this. Keep working towards your dreams Rocío!
It’s so amazing to get to see the beautiful hard working people behind the scenes. Thank you Leticia for all you do.
We love your tomatoes here in CT! We can always count on them to be sweet and delicious. As I am writing this, a comment overheard from the kitchen: “these tomatoes look so beautiful sitting on top of my salad.” Thank you for everything and congratulations to your daughter!
Thank you for your hard work! Have a happy new year!
Thanks for your hard work. Good luck on getting your diploma. I know you will do well.
You rock Jose ! Keep working hard and good things will come ! God bless !
Ooooh my goodness. Thank you soooooo much and Gloria! You rock! Definitely represents the Brand. Keep up the good work. My tomatoes were absolutely delicious.
Thank you Leticia for your dedication and integrity to giving us clean and fresh food! Good food that nourishes our body. God Bless!
Thank you for your work!!!
Hi! What a great story! You look so happy! I live in New Jersey & actually planted one of your tomatoes & grew a few plants. Were good but no where near as sweet & flavorful! Continued success & thank you!
The cherubs make me happy and help keep me healthy. Nice to see the hard work behind the harvest. Thank you!
Thank you for your hard work and the great tomatoes you picked and I ate. Delicious! So happy for you to work for a company that cares for you.
This is amazing!!! I love seeing the faces behind the product. What an example of success and consistency. Leticia que gran ejemplo para otras madres cabeza de familia!!!
Thank you for sharing your story, Leticia! Making a gnocchi recipe with the company’s tomatoes and saw your image on the package. I appreciate every bit of labor that brings these little tomato beauties to my market!
It sounds like you work for a company who takes pride in taking care of their employees. I love your companies tomatoes. Eat a pint a week. You have done well for you and your family.
Thank you for all the hard work you do!
Nice to meet you, it's great hearing a nature sweet takes care of you as a individual and has helped you to succeed in life. Best tomatoes ever!!!! God bless
Thank you, David! I appreciate you!!
Hi Gloria! Thank you so much for your hard work! The tomatoes are great! Wishing you the best! God bless!!
Thank you so much for the delicious tomatoes! I have them as a snack while I'm at work, and I'm grateful for you :)
Thank you for your hard work
Thank you so much for harvesting the delicious tomatoes. I always remind myself to thank the people who grew and harvested our food before our meal. Many blessings to you and your family.
Thank You for providing a consistent and save product for the World! God Bless You and Your Family. Thank You for sharing your story. Peace and Love, Noah
Thank you for taking such good care of the produce we eat.
Thank you for your hard work to provide us with quality delicious tomatoes
Thank you for all your hardwork! My husband and I love the cherry tomatoes!
Thank you for making my meals dee-lish and thank you for all your hard work. I hope school is going well. It's hard to work full-time and go to school. Stay the course!
Thank you for your dedication to providing for your family and wishing hard to grow and harvesting these vegetables.
Thank you for your dedication and hard work you have achieved with the company and with your son. You have showed him the values of life and he will go far in the company. Bless you and your family Leticia
I never noticed the QR code before- how cool is that? I dig it. Best of luck to you and thank you for all that do. Good, clean, healthy food is a such a privilege.
You’re amazing Rocío! Thanks for everything you do!
Thank you for your work. Keep doing the good Work and remember that God loves you and will help you! Have a bless day
Thank you for everything. I love vegetables and I’m so glad having people like you guys.
Just wanted to say thank you Lola for doing such a good job. I really enjoy the little sweet tomatoes that you grill. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for growing such amazing tomatoes! They always bring a smile to my face! Sooo good!
Thank you for the wonderful tomatoes! Your hard work is much appreciated ! Muchimas gracias!
Thank you for your hard work that allows me to enjoy these delicious tomatoes! Many blessings to you and your family!
Thank you for your hard work Jose!
Thanks for your hard work. I love the product.
Hi Rocío, Best wishes and blessings on your education. Thank you for being a part of packing these delicious cherubs I’m enjoying right now. I wish you the best always. Cariñosamente, Tele
We love these tomatoes! And how cool to get a behind the scenes look at how they get to our family! Good luck with your future education and thank you!
Nice work, Jose!! You’re the best! Thanks for all your hard work!!
Thank you for your amazing work! Your efforts bring the freshest produce to us way up north in Minnesota, when there is nothing but snow! We truly appreciate the ability to have these tomatoes 🥰
Loved watching the video and learning about you and Nature Sweet!!! Thank you for all (and your company) do for all of us!!!!
Kudos for you going back to complete your education! Great tomatoes too! Erica Chicago IL
Hi Jessica , how nice to meet you! I enjoyed hearing your story about your work and also your family ! I love eating the cherry tomatoes. They’re delicious ! Take care, Jeffrey
Hi there, Jose. You’re doing a great job! 😇
Thank you for your hard work. Know that you are appreciated by all of us!
Thank you for your kindness! I loved your tomatoes they were delicious 🤤 and they are very good looking 👀 so keep up the good work + we need Someone like you to grow these delicious food homemade so luck to u and ur tomatoes 🍅 🌱
Thank you for all that you do!
Gabriel, Thank you for your part in helping me eat a healthy diet. Your hard work and persistence in both your occupation and your education are inspiring! May you and your family be greatly blessed as a result. Congratulations!! Lori
Hi David, my family and I appreciate the work you do to bring us an excellent product. We are glad you are taking advantage of the opportunity to get more education and best of luck in your studies! Thank you, Lisa
It was cool to see the “meet me” QR code on the packaging and even more cool that the highlighted employee has their own page and video! It was nice to learn more about Leticia as well as the behind-the-scenes of the company.
Reading Guadalupe’s success story is uplifting and I love these tomatoes on pizza! Blessings!
I am happy for you that your daughter has graduated school. You probably worked many hours on the farm To help her, you are the best. And thank you for putting your heart into growing these delicious little tomatoes I love of my salad
It’s nice to see a company that truly cares for its associates. I hope this continues. And you all prosper. people deserve to be recognized and the companies need these people.
Thank you for what you do. The tomatoes are so delicious!
The tomatoes are so delicious!!
My six year old son, Isaac, enjoyed watching your video and seeing how our tomatoes are packed. Thank you!
Good morning! Hope you have a great day. Thank you for all of your hard work! We appreciate you. Best, Heidi and Church
Thank you for all your hard work! I love my little tomatoes 🍅, they are the best! And congratulations to your daughter!
I like reading the connection of how these delicious tomatoes go from farm to table. Good luck on your degree, your hard work is appreciated!
Shout out to Leticia Lopez for her dedicated work! Thank you!
Heartwarming story about you and your family, Paco! I agree that Nature Sweet tomatoes are absolutely the best, great in recipes and wonderfully tasty! Thank you for all your hard work for producing such a great product!
The Cherubs were delicious, thanks for your dedication and hard work to bring these tomatoes to my table. All the best in 2023!
Thank you so much for my wonderful Cherubs, they were delicious as always!! Best of luck to you and your HSD, my son is going after his as well! Prayers!!
Happy New Year! I appreciate all of your work getting these my tomatoes out. Congratulations on your education! Your future is bright!
Leticia, thank you for all of your hard work!! You play an important role in the Nature Sweet company. You are an awesome dedicated employee!! It’s so cool to put a face to a product that I often buy!!
Thanks for all your hard work!
Alfredo, mucho gusto. I appreciate the work you do to keep the tomatoes coming and to keep everyone safe. My husband is also in maintenance, so I know how important your work is to everyone whether they know it or not! You look like a man who takes his job seriously, and your skills are highly valuable to all. Be safe, and thank you!
Good morning Yvette! I love these sketches of you and your coworkers. Thank you for all your hard work. Have a great day! 😊😊