Brenda has been working at the Zapotlan packing plant for ten years. She actually met her husband here!

“I don’t consider my job a job but as my second home where I’m happy.”


People are saying

Hola Senora Brenda! I buy these tasty tomatoes every week. I am happy to see that your work makes you happy and proud of what you do. That is what makes the product muy bueno. Mucho gracias and have a nice day!
Hi Brenda! Nice to meet you and see your beautiful smile when I opened my tomatoes! I try to take a minute before I eat or prepare any food, and think about it’s journey to me, and the time and hard work it took. Thank you to you and your co workers! Much love to you! Reni
Thanks for all the hard work and delicious tomatoes. Wishing you and your husband many years of marital happiness!
Since they take the time to feature their hard-working people on their packaging I thought I would take the time to check it out. Good job Brenda. and Blessings on your future with this co. The tomatoes are always good
I found the sketch of you on the lid of my cherry tomatoes this morning while making dinner for my family tonight They are coming from Wisconsin to New Mexico and we are so excited to be together again since COVID kept us apart. I hope you and your family are safe and well. So many people impact our lives that we never think about....thank you for the work you do!
I appreciate you and your associates for your work....GOOD tomatoes!
Hello from Seattle Washington Brenda. Thank you for your hard work. We love the cherub tomatoes. We hope you and your family stay safe during Covid. The Littleton Family
I enjoyed hearing your story and buy your products every week. Your tomatoes are always tasty and in good condition. Thank you for your hard work and again for sharing your story! It's really cool that your company does this.

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