Meet David! He works in our Manufacturing Irrigation area and has been with us for over nine years, and counting. NatureSweet has contributed to his education by affording him the resources and preparation to become a professional. David is currently working on his degree in Engineering with a focus on Sustainable Agricultural Innovation and he’s over-the-moon and proud of this accomplishment. Go David, you reap what you sow!


People are saying

Great to see your dedication
Great to read this. Stay with the education opportunities and I appreciate your hard work.
Hi David, thank you for all your hard work. I have been buying these tomatoes for many years, and I always look at the name of the associate on the label. This is the first time I watched the video. I really appreciate the work that you do to put good food on my table. 😊
They are the best tomatoes! Great job
Thank you 😊 I’m a diabetic and I need all the sweetness the whole can give me ! Best late at night
You guys are doing an awesome job!!
My grand kids and I love your guys tomatoes. Everytime I come home from the grocery store they dig through the bags looking for them. Keep up the great work!
My daughter loves your tomatoes. Take good care of them!
Que’ tal David, Nice to meet you! Love your tomatoes! Watched your video and am impressed with you and your hard work. Keep studying and get your engineering degree!
Thank You for your hard work, and wishing you only success in all that you do.. Your Cherubs tomatoes are a staple at our house-their quality can’t be beat!
Keep up the good work. Best tomatoes ever
You're tomatoes delicious, thank you, Shari and Nora
Be proud! Everyone there has created a great product. Keep up the good work!
We definitely need more people in the agricultural engineering world. To learn how to deal with global warming and feeding everyone. Glad you're pursuing this career path
Thanks for helping make such a wonderful addition to our meals
Loved hearing about your educational accomplishments. Thank you for your commitment to feeding us nutritional food.
This message is actually for all of the associates there at nature Sweet; I just want to say thank you again for all the hard work you do to bring such a delicious product to our table! I don’t take lightly the things that you do to make this happen. We’d like to purchase nature, sweet cherry tomatoes, etc. just about every week! So thank you thank you, thank you for all that you do! Sincerely, LaDonna J Clark, California.
Hey bro, love the cherry tomatoes! Keep up the good work
Good luck in your studies! Love the tomatoes.
What is surprised to see you inside my tomato container! Thank you for your continued work with NatureSweet. Cheers to continuing education as well. I love that the company is featuring people who work there!
Hi David, I found you in the bottom of my tomato's package ! Thank you for your hard work and congratulations on working on engineering degree! My family is in engineering as well! Thank you for sweet tomatoes, love them! Regards, Anastasia
Congratulations David on your journey towards a degree in Engineering with focus on sustainable agriculture innovation! We need more sustainability in the world today! Appreciate your role in the great tomatoes I enjoyed. Saw the label when I went to discard it and something told me me to check it out. Glad I did. Good to meet the folks who grow the wonderful foods we enjoy! Thanks and Best wishes!!
David nice to meet you! Whatever you’re doing is WORKING! Tasty store bought ‘maters. Tonight you gave me tomatoes & I roasted them added fresh garlic at the end, with some Feta, Pasta & fresh Basil! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!
I saw your face inside my label as I threw the label in the trash. The face kept following me in the kitchen. I had to pick the label out the trash can. Glad I did. Keep up the good work David and follow your dream. LORETTA from Texas
Thank you for your hard work! I am thankful to you and all ag workers around the globe who provide food for the rest of us. Keep working on your degree what an accomplishment!!
My wife and I don't know you but both of us are proud of you for what you do and your work ethics. Keep up the good work and keep going for that degree in engineering. You won't regret it.
Never noticed the QR code previously and think it’s brilliant! Thank you!
David, Keep up the good attitude and work ethic. We appreciate you and Nature Sweet. Jack and Joan
Hi! What a great story! You look so happy! I live in New Jersey & actually planted one of your tomatoes & grew a few plants. Were good but no where near as sweet & flavorful! Continued success & thank you!
Thank you, David! I appreciate you!!
I never noticed the QR code before- how cool is that? I dig it. Best of luck to you and thank you for all that do. Good, clean, healthy food is a such a privilege.
Hi David, my family and I appreciate the work you do to bring us an excellent product. We are glad you are taking advantage of the opportunity to get more education and best of luck in your studies! Thank you, Lisa
The tomatoes are so delicious!!
Thank you for all your hard work and a great product. I grew up on a farm and know all the hard back breaking work that goes into wonderful produce.
Hi David, I appreciate the work you do to bring us an excellent product. I’m glad you are taking advantage of the opportunity to get more education. Kate
Way to go David! Thanks for sharing your story with us. Best wishes for a happy future, Liza New York
Hello just want to thank you and all of your associates for all that you do. HAPPY NEW YEAR
Hello & Thank you for all you do! Wishing you health & happiness for the new year!!
"Thank You" to all your Greenhouse and Packing Associates for their hard work this year.
We love your tomatoes! I also want to pursue engineering; you’re such an inspiration to me!!!
I just viewed the interview with you and I congratulate you on your degree. I wish you all the best. I am impressed!
Love the tomatoes! Thank you for doing a great job to make them taste so good!
Hello Your tomato's were great and made a great sauce with feta. I hope you have amazing holiday. Feliz Navi da
Hola! I used to work in irrigation and water production. What you do is important! Thanks for these little tomatoes, they are muy saboroso! Keep working hard and you will go far. Lee
Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for being awesome. I love these little tomatoes. They are the only ones that taste good in the winter! Keep up the good work ❤️
Thank you for your hard work and all you do so that we may enjoy these delicious tomatoes! I love the qr code scan idea.
We watched your message on YouTube. Every day when we sit down to dinner we pray for people who bring food to our table, people like you! Thank you and God bless.
Thanks for all your hard work.. Best tomatoes on the market! Have a great day Rita
You’re doing a real bang up job David. Keep up the good work! 🙌🏻
Great job, David! Keep up the good work and congratulations on your accomplishments!
Great job Dave, am the irrigation guy at my house and it's sure a lot of work to keep it running with out leaking . I think I've changed everything out at least 2 times. I don't buy that orbit stuff anymore so that helps. Keep up all the hard work love your tomatoes thanks
Go David, I too Completed my engineering degree while working. When completed it’s a wonderful accomplishment that enhances your entire life. Keep up the good work and thanks for posting your message and contact information.
Thank you for sharing you story with us consumers. This gives me a a deeper appreciation for your company and the amazing cherubs tomatoes I buy often! Continue striving for your goals and thank you for your dedication. I would have typed this in Spanish but my English is better. True example of a Latino shooting for the stars while giving your all to Natures Sweet! I wish you the very best! Because of you, I am now lifelong customer!
Gracias por su atención y el trabajo que has hecho con NatureSweet. Le mandamos saludos desde California!
Thank u David for making sure we always have delicious sweet Cherubs here in freezing Nebraska! Consider going to South Dakota School of Mines where my brother is an engineering professor.
Hi David! Just watched your video and wanted to say GRACIAS for all of your hard work and producing such a wonderful product! We will be praying for you as you finish your engineering degree. Praying God’s abundant grace and blessing over you and your family!
The combination of greens yellows and red and green mixes are fantastic! They were a great mix into my Italian pasta salad! Thank you!!
My daughter and I laughed so hard as we read the absolutely delightful disc that covered our tomato package. I don't know who is responsible for such clever packaging but we love it! "Peel here to lettuce out" and "please don't refrigerate it's too cold in there" made us roar! Almost as much as we love the delicious tomatoes. What is so wonderful is how sweet they get as they ripen more. These are some of best salad tomatoes ever! Thanks for the work you all do! We appreciate you.
David my tomatoes were great in my pasta sauce and salad thanks for all your hard work
Good job and all the best on achieving your degree.
Thank you for the work you do! Good luck with your continuing education. You make America great!
Hi David, I thought it was cool to learn about you! Keep up the work on your degree! I’m in Milwaukee and appreciate the fresh vegetables in the middle of winter here!
Hello David my name is Kelly and I live in Woburn Massachusetts.. I'm just getting ready to make a gorgeous healthy salad and I grabbed my wonderfully sweet Cherub tomatoes out of the refrigerator and when I did the top popped off on to the floor and low and behold there is your adorable face. Lol. I didn't realize that Nature Sweet did this, I'm taking it as a sign from the universe telling me I need to let YOU know I appreciate what you do and that You are a very special person and I Thank You very much and my Belly thanks you. I love these tomatoes! A very satisfied customer. Kelly
David you can be extremely proud of what you have done with your life through NatureSweet! Walk tall and keep those little tomatoes watered and tasting delicious! Thank you! Stacey
Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Congratulations on seeking your degree. I worked my entire life in grocery stores. Many of those years in the Produce department. It is refreshing to hear from the people helping to produce the products I enjoy today. Many of my friends are from Mexico and I appreciate the same values. God bless you and your family. Jerry
I love companies who invest in more than their profits. I am grateful that you are able to take what they have to offer and grow in your education, job experience, and spirit. Congratulations
Te felicito y te deseo mucho éxito en tus estudios
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. First off, I love the packages on the Cherubs and how it feels personal. It’s always exciting to scan the QR code and see different stories. I wish you the best of luck on finishing your engineering degree and enjoyed reading a little more about yourself on here! Best of luck on your future endeavors David!
I saw your “Meet Me” on the label of the pack of Constellation tomatoes and decided to send a thank you. Just wanted to thank you (and your team) for your contribution to a fine tomato product. I enjoy the Constellation and the Cherubs. As a tomato enthusiast, i think NatureSweet is doing great. I had written off grape-style tomatoes, but the NatureSweet products have turned me around on that. I hope you have a great day!
Always great to get a salad at home with a big ol bunch of cherubs!
Thanks for the work that you do. Good luck on your education for Sustainable Agriculture. Nature provides ways to sustainably grow without all of the artificiality of chemicals and genetic modifications. Have a blessed life!
David, Congratulations on your studies!!! You are an inspiration to many...keep up the good work as God Bless you!! Heidi B
Thank you for the tasty tomatoes & congrats on your educational accomishments. The tomatoes, plants & humanity need advocates & smart advisors.
Hello David 👋 I hope everything is working out for you. Im very happy that you are pursuing a career in agriculture. I truly belive these is how poeple will improve in the future and ensuring safety for others. I give a huge kudos to you and to the company for this dynamic of recognizing employees. Keep it up man.
Wonderful success story for you and NatureSweet. Thanks for hard work. I love the way your company offers opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Maravillosa historia de éxito para usted y NatureSweet. Gracias por el trabajo duro. Me encanta la forma en que su empresa ofrece la oportunidad de crecer tanto personal como profesionalmente.
Hi my name is Aiden age:13 and I want to know how you grow your tomatoes
Thanks for they great tomatoes
We’re eating salad tonight with Nature Sweet tomatoes. Your picture was on the packaging. It was nice to read about you and your career and education path! Congrats on nine+ years at Nature Sweet and good luck on your degree! We love these tomatoes! Wishing you all the best!
I think it’s great to feature the employees at the company and put a face to the food that is grown. I love this variety of tomatoes. It’s nice to see the company investing in David with his degree and showing their appreciation for him and others. Very cool!
I love these and appreciate the care you take in preparing and packing them bruise free. Thanks you for your good work. It is noticed! :-)
Keep up the good work. It is appreciated!!
Hello david! Thanks so much for knowing how to grow tomatoes and being so good at it. Every summer i give it a shot and there have not always been great harvests. Lol! I sure am glad i can find cherubs in the grocery! You’re the best! K
Thank you for the work you do- we enjoy Nature Sweet Cherubs almost daily. Thanks for sharing your story (first time I noticed the QR code on the package). Wishing you all the best in engineering and sustainability field!
These tomatoes are delicious!! Thank you, David!!
Thank you for your hard work! Good luck on your education!
Thank you for keeping up the great work. It’s good to know that there are people like you dedicated to making sure I can get quality produce in my grocery store. Thank you again and I wish you continued success! ~Jeff
Hello David, I only buy Nature Sweet tomatoes now, they are the best quality. I look at the person’s photo under the top, I have Googled them. I think it is a wonderful company you work for. They are supportive of their employees and encourage growth in their lives. I am a teacher. I think it is excellent that you are going to be an engineer. Your family must be so proud of you. 👍🏼 I am proud of you. 👏🏼 I wish you all the best with your future degree and career. 🤍
Sending you a big thank you for helping Nature Sweet produce the best tomatoes! Your Cherubs are consistently delicious and we live them here in Pennsylvania! Gracias!
Dear David, Congratulations on graduating with your engineering degree. Thank you for your work in bringing beautiful tomatoes to my home. I love NatureSweet tomatoes! Thank you also for bringing to your work a philosophy that goes beyond simply doing work to get a paycheck. I can tell from your interview that you see the bigger picture of work, community, helping others, and making a difference. Gracias!
My cherub tomato package was perfect. Such a fun addition to the tag to add a QR code with a story about each employee.
Congratulations David ! Your dedication and hard work has proven to be successful. You’re a power of example for others. No doubt you’ll accomplish good things for future farming and generations.
I watched your video. I am impressed by your drive. Great little surprise under th lid of my cherubs.
Hello, Great work. Love your Cherubs!
David: Congratulations on your great work at NatureSweet and educational achievements . I hope you help the world with sustainability knowledge! Good luck! -Marriott
Happy to see you enjoy working for Naturesweet and that you are guttering your education. I really enjoy your sweet and tasty cherubs! The name cherub really fits the “heavenly” taste they give my salads! Keep up the good work.
Thank you for your dedication to agriculture and CONGRATULATIONS on getting that education!!! You are very much appreciated even here in Missouri
So great that Naturesweet highlights their employees! Great hearing your message David and continued success. Your education will open many doors and will benefit both you and your family!
Congratulations on continuing your education. I think it's great Nature Sweet is helping you and honoring its employees by creating QR code links to your information.
Picked your organic cherub tomatoes up at Aldi. Just wanted to say that they were some of the best I've had in a while. I'll search for them again
Congratulations on your success and may God continue to guide and bless you, your career and your family!
I enjoyed your story, David. Good for you for getting your college degree. As a female, my parents would not pay for college, so I put myself through. So remember, when the going gets tough (as it always does), the tough get going. You can do it, and congratulations for all of your accomplishments, in and outside of Nature Sweet!
Senor Guerrero -- It pleases me to know that my purchases of NatureSweet tomato cherubs are contributing to developing skills and education among the company's staff members. Best of luck to you in completing your degree. Your success will make your company, family, and nation stronger. God bless you in your efforts. Lo siento -- no puedo hablar (o escribar) espanol. C Colorado, USA
Thanks David for your part in the production of the cherubs I buy. Great job in pursuing your education!
David, way to go with your education! Enjoyed the cherubs in our breakfast sandwiches!!!
Gracias por compartir tu historia. Es agradable ver las muchas sonrisas de las personas que producen nuestra comida. Nunca tenemos estos oportunidades. Muchas felicidades en su futuro.
Good job David! Keep going! May God bless you and your family!
Hola David, gracias por el trabajo que haces para llevar a clientes como yo los maravillosos tomates Nature Sweet. Me encantan las ensaladas y los Querubines son siempre frescos y deliciosos. Buena suerte con tu educación y gracias por el trabajo que haces.
Thank you for being part of a wonderful product. Flavor and quality are #1! Well done, Wjg
Su empresa hace un buen trabajo cultivando y comercializando sus tomates cherry y estoy seguro de que sus esfuerzos ayudan a que eso sea posible. Buena suerte en todos tus proyectos futuros.
How cool to see a bit about such a great product. Thank you for your dedication and best of luck in your career!
We appreciate you!

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