Meet Gloria, who works hard in Zapotlan as one of our many packaging engineers. For more than 17 years, Gloria has risen the ranks and now has the opportunity to be a Line Coordinator where she manages 20 other Associates.

“I always like to support my team and motivate my colleagues and above all: work as a team,” Gloria explains. “The company always cares about Associates and our safety, and economically, working at NatureSweet has allowed me to support my mother and have a stable life with my income from my work.”


People are saying

Gloria, your story is very motivating. Working hard to own your own home is really a sign of your commitment! Congratulations on your rise in position and for being the star employee. Last of all, I love those little tomatoes. Keep striving to your highest, Gloria! ~Pam
Gloria - what a wonderful surprise Naturesweet cherubs are the best tasting tomatoes I have ever eaten. Oh and your team obviously care about perfection because each on was picked at just the right time. I have them for breakfast, salads and the are a nice substitute for candy when you need a sweet snack.
Not the first time she has popped up on my package, product is always top tier with this company, Gloria and all her associates are doing great work
Congratulations on your hard work. Keep it up!!! You are doing just fine, as your tomatoes are proof. They are the very best.
Congratulations on being recognized as a Star Associate! We really enjoy the cherubs product and appreciate the care and attention you and your colleagues provide in getting the tomatoes to market. Muchisimas Gracias!
Thank you for your work in getting good fresh food like these lovely delicious tomatoes to so many different people in so many places- like me, here in Marietta! What you do is important, and I appreciate it. Stay strong and take good care.
Gloria, we love your video and that you are looking out for your team. Thank you for such a great product!
Two thumbs up! Thank you for the beautiful cherub tomatoes, and for all you do to make them fresh and beautiful.
Gloria you are a super star. Keep up the good work managing your team and taking so much care in what you do. We appreciate your story and YOU!! Congratulations
Dear Gloria, after seeing your wonderful face on the Cherubs sticker, it made buying the tomatoes so much better. We scanned ur QR code and loved reading about your story. Thank u for all your hard work and for sharing your story. We are team Gloria all the way!!!! Give gliria a raise naturesweet!!!! We love Gloria!!
THank you for all that you do. 17 years with the company is amazing. Congratulations and best wishes for many more years to come!
Just saw your lovely face on our tomato package! Thank you for your important work in providing us with quality FOOD. We love these tomatoes!
Thank you Gloria for all that you do. God bless you.
Gracias, Gloria! I love your story and your products. Congratulations on the purchase of your home!
Our family thanks you for the work you and your team do to help provide healthy and delicious food! Tonight dinner is feta bowls in Alberta Canada.
Thank you for all your hard work. I love your tomatoes. Congratulations on your house!!
So cool to read about Gloria and the company. Always buy these tomatoes!! Thanks for all your hard work! Ohio loves tomatoes!
Thank you for your efforts to provide such a quality product. You can always count on Nature Sweet's freshness. I like the smart packaging and top sticker messages and especially learning about the team of associates working so hard together to provide the world these delicious tomatoes. Gracias!
Thx so much for the delicious tomato's. They are one of my favorite snacks and the ones you all package allows taste perfect. So thank you Gloria for my delicious snack
Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
Thank you, Gloria, for your hard work and dedication to making these tasty little tomatoes available to enjoy! Not only are they delicious, they are fun to eat with my daughter (7). It is really neat to see the people behind these yummy snacks, and even better to know you are doing well, purchased a home, and are enjoying time with your mother and partner. Best regards and with much appreciation, Blair
Thank you for your hard work! These tomatoes are delicious and we will purchase again in the future!
Thank you for the wonderful tomatoes and for your dedication and hard work! Congratulations on your home purchase, and please know that you are appreciated!
Hello from Washington state! I want to thank you and your team for all your hard work. Your tomatoes are so delicious that I never use them for cooking or salads. I want to enjoy them to the fullest, so I just eat them by the handful, right out of the package! I send my love to you, your family and your team. I'm so glad you work for a company that treats you well and gives you opportunities to advance. I only speak a little Spanish, so I'll just say Mucho gusto! and Vaya con Dios!
I'm grateful for you & I hope you're well ❤️
Gloria thank you for your hard work and dedication to a delicious well packed healthy snack. I will be taking these to my 49er games this season for a good, refreshing and healthy snack alternative to the heavy concession stand food. Thank you to you all.
Thank you Gloria! It's alway refreshing to learn about people that truly enjoy their jobs!! 🧡
Thank you for all that you do!
Thank you for your hard work and good quality tomatoes! Thank all your team too! Blessings- you are all appreciated! 💕
Great to hear more about the company and how they support you!
Thank you for my awesome tomatoes!!!
Thank you for your commitment to healthy food!
Thanks for all your hard work! You certainly have been successful. The tomatoes are delicious!
Delicious tomatoes don't make it to my family on their own. Thank you for the hard work you do that helps me feed my family!
Thank you for the awesome tomatoes 🍅
Thank you for your hard work! We appreciate you!
The little tomatoes are delicious. Thank you
Love getting to see this and no more about the amazing people who take such pride in their work. Thank you for all you do Gloria.
hi gloria, thank you for your hard work sending best wishes to your mom and your family ❤️ thank you for the tomatoes
Thank you for sharing your story and providing us with fresh, healthy food products.
Thank you so much for your years of service. We hope you and your mother are doing well
Thank you for working so hard so we can eat healthy food!
Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Love ❤️ NatureSweet tomatoes
Thanks for packing these little guys for us to enjoy! They are so tasty!
Thank you for your hard work
Thank you for all you do! Thank you for the yummy tomatoes!
Wonderful product. Thank you for all your work. God bless
Thank you for all hard work. You are very much appreciated.
Thank you ma'am for your years of service. Hopefully you have had wonderful experience. Wishing you and your team continued success.
Thanks for packing my lunch :) Always delicious tomatoes 🍅
Great tomatoes! Thank you for your hard work and fir the care you have taken. :)
Thank you Gloria! We love our cherry tomatoes! At least three packs a week! Yummy!!! Have a good holiday!
Thank you and your team so much! The quality of Tomatoes es perfect.
Thank you, Gloria! These tomatoes are beautiful and delicious every time. I appreciate all that you do.
So great to see such a smiley face!! Wonderful job well done. I love that your company gives you the recognition that you deserve!
Thanks Gloria for your excellent work :) Quality of the product I bought is amazing. Wish you the best for you, your family and your team :)
Thank you for all the hard work. I always know I can rely on the cherub tomatoes to be tasty. You and your team are appreciated.
Thank you Gloria for all your hard work! I really appreciate your dedication and care within your job. I love these tomatoes.
Thank you to you and your associates for all of your wonderful work.
Watched your video, it was great to see some of the production. Good luck in your future. The cherubs are excellent. Thank you for all of your hard work!
Hi. I love that we can see where our food began and who packed it. Thank you so much for your hard work. We are enjoying your tomatoes here in South Carolina , USA.
Thank you for all of your hard work. So wonderful to work for a company that recognizes your hard work. Keep up the GREAT work:)
Hi Gloria I appreciate you and the hard work you put into feeding people. I love this QR code connection that has enabled me to connect with a hard working Latina that might not know how much they’re appreciated. Thank you
We appreciate your hard and work and dedication...These Cherub tomatoes are sooooo good!! I'm hooked,they are so sweet!! Thank You! 🌻
Thank you Gloria for a job well done! I appreciate you and your expertise! It shows in the quality of the product you put out. YUM
A huge thank-you to you and your team!! We appreciate your hard work and dedication. Wishing you and yours all things good!
These are incredibly awesome! You’ve done a fantastic job at picking the best! I expected that after a several days, these tomatoes would begin to wilt. However; and, to my surprise, they were still juicy and crunchy! They were so delicious that I managed to eat a whole pack by hand. Gloria, I absolutely loved the work you’ve put into picking the best tomatoes I’ve had in, like, ever! I expected mush; but, got none of that! Thank you! I’m buying again!
Appreciate all you do and the heard work to bring people a great product!!
Hi Gloria, have a wonderful day! You are beautiful and I wish you the best!
Thank you for the work you do. I appreciate you! My tomatoes are delicious and beautiful every time!
So nice to meet you and see all your hard work being appreciated at Nature Sweet! This is such a great way to meet the employees. Loved the video. Wishing you continued success in your career.
Thank you to you and your team for your hard work. It must be very satisfying to know that you are giving the world such a great product!
Thank you 💚
Great job Gloria! We so love the Constellation tomatoes! Thank you for the care you take in packing them! God bless you, Ron and Catherine
Go Gloria! Appreciate all you do as a hard working employee. Best wishes & Muchas Gracias!
Hi Gloria! I appreciate all your hardwork. I had some delicious Cherub tomatoes today that you and your team helped package. Stay safe, stay strong and stay amazing.
Thank you for your great care and love for your job. Congratulations on your new home and your 17 years at your job. Wishing you the best, keep up the good work.
Thank you for your hard work in supplying us with fresh tomatoes 🍅 😀.
This is a great product thanks for all your hard work
Thank you Gloria for your hard work and being part my daughter’s healthy lunch option. Up north we wouldn’t have fresh tomato option in the winter with out you!
I recently purchased some cherubs and your picture was on the packaging. I live in Minnesota and it's nice to get ripe tomatoes in the winter. Thank you for the work that you do. It is appreciated.
This is a great feature, we are happy to learn about the people behind this great product. Thanks for your expertise!
Hi Gloria Ruiz! Thank you for your diligence in providing quality packaging of these sweet glory’s! I love them! Felicidades! 🌸💖🌷
Gloria Thank you for your hard work and support for your team. Good people like you make our world a better place.
Muchas gracias por todo lo que hace ! Thank you very much for everything that you do !!
Thank you for your careful packaging of these beautiful and yummy tomatoes 🍅!!!!!
Gracias. Los recibi en Chicago 🥰 y me los como en mi salads perfeccion saludos por alla
Thank you Gloria I absolutely love nature sweet glory’s. Just wanted to let you know you’re doing a great job. Hope you have a great day.
Thank you Gloria for your hard work to provide the world with amazing produce!
Thank you, Gloria. These tomatoes are incredible.
Thank you for working so hard to make sure I get fresh and beautiful tomatoes ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you for your hard work! And congratulations on getting a promotion!🎉 We appreciate the quality of the packaging. It’s so nice to be able to communicate with you. Keep up the good work! The O’Keefe family ☘️
Hello Gloria, we are enjoying your tomatoes today with our salad. Thank you for the excellent care you took and packaging our veggies. Have an excellent day!
Thank you Gloria. I try to eat all my veggies when I get the "munchies" and the tomatoes you packed made it into the line up tonight.
Thank you for all of your work!
Hello 👋🏼 Thank you 😊 Gloria for taking the time & care to package such a wonderful product!! I love ❤️ my tomatoes 🍅 your brand is the BEST! I was so surprised 😯 when I was at the last of my tomatoes & seeing your smiling face on the lid! God Bless y’all & Thank you 😊 again for another great tomato 🍅 purchase 😉🤗
Thank you for all your hard work!
Gloria gracias porque personas como tú hacen que lleguen a nuestros hogares los alimentos de calidad y bien presentados Dios bendiga sus manos su familia y su trabajo.
Thanks for the delicious tomatoes and all you do!
Hello Gloria! Thank you for the care and concern you bring to your job. Wishing you all the best!
Hi, Gloria!!! Thank you for the beautiful tomatos.
Very nice idea to be able to meet you virtually. Love these tomatoes. God Bless you and your family.
Nice to meet you, Gloria! Thank you for sharing your story.
Nice learning on your climb the ranks! Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to your customers! And thanks for taking care of your Mom, wish I have one more day with mine so this warmed my heart!
Thanks for all you do, Gloria, to keep my little Cherubs tasting fresh and spectacular.
Thank you Gloria! All the way from good Ole' Va.. These remind me of my grandparents garden! Thank you for that memory!
I’m so happy to read that your company respects your work skills and commitment! My husband, Francisco, and I do as well. Thanks for making it possible for us to have these wonderful Cherubs. Yum! Marsha
Hi Gloria! Thanks for our delicious tomatoes! It was nice learning about you! 💕
Hi Gloria!! This is a cool idea! Thanks for your hard work and delicious tomatoes!!
Hello Gloria from Good Shepherd Lutheran preschool in Minnesota. One of our children brought these tasty tomatoes for a snack today. Many children received an "I tried it" sticker because they ate a tomato. Lots of other kids knew that they already liked them and gobbled some up. They loved the fact that they knew who worked on getting our tomatoes all the way to our classroom!
Hi Gloria! My sister and I are big fans of your tomatoes. I put them in my salad and Kelsey eats them right out of the container. Thank you for your hard work!!!
Hi Gloria. The cherubs are delicious and thank you so much for working hard to make your customers happy. Congrats on a wonderful career so far. Tell your MOM hello from Florida.
Congratulations, Gloria! Thank you for sharing your story. Keep up the good work. Cathy in Los Angeles
Best of the best ! Thank you ! From the Hudson Valley New York
Hola, Gloria Loved the sweet selection of tomatoes, packaged by you and associates. I have made a perfect decision in trying these particular ones. Never had then before but now I’ll always put on my shopping list. May God bless you all. My best wishes for you.🙏🏼
Hello from NY! Thank you for all your hard work, Gloria! So nice to “meet” you!
Thanks for the delicious tomatoes! Great job, Gloria, from San Diego!😊
Hi Gloria, It is so nice to meet you and hear your story. I hope you and your family are doing well and wish you all the best!
Thanks for your hard work. Congratulations on promotion from PA!
Hi Gloria! Thanks for doing what you do!! Much appreciated!!
We loved your story and congratulations on your achievements all the way from New York!
Gloria, we’re enjoying your delicious tomatoes in New Jersey! Thank you for the hard work you do!
I just noticed the label on the tomato package packaged by Gloria! how neat is this and congratulations on your promotion and hard work for over 17 years. these tomatoes are so delicious every single one of them perfect, for snacking or salads. Seems like a great company to work for.
Hi Gloria ! One of your packages came all the way to CT, I’m enjoying them now. Thanks for your hard work 🙂
Hi Gloria! Thank you so much for your hard work! The tomatoes are great! Wishing you the best! God bless!!
Thank you for your work. Keep doing the good Work and remember that God loves you and will help you! Have a bless day
Thank you for caring so much about our tomatoes! I loved watching your video!!
Hi Gloria Congratulations on your promotion! You represent an awesome product. I cook for a local rehab Center and our clients look forward to the cherubs in their salad. Thank you for your hard work.
This was so cool to watch your little video! I love your tomatoes, and I actually just saw the scan code tonight, so I had to watch it! Thank you for your hard work!
I love this! How nice to actually “meet” the person who packaged my tomatoes. They are perfect, and I’m very grateful to you. Thank you, Gloria!
Seeing your shining face when I open my cherubs makes my day! Thank you Gloria for picking my delicious cherubs!!
Delicious tomatoes presented and packed like artwork. Thanks for the effort and Happy New Year Gloria.
Happy New Year! I love that we can see the love you packaged into my product. I also work in a packaging department of a company that makes animal vaccinations for companies and veterinarian's all around the country. Thanks for your hard work!!
Hola Gloria, thank you for your hard work and congratulations on your promotion and your new casa!
Thank you Gloria for your hard work! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your Mother and family!! I have enjoyed your tomatoes on a turkey BLT every day for lunch while in rehab in South Florida. It was nice learning about you and what a nifty idea! Thank you and Happy new year!!
I ate the tomatoes today and they are delicious! Muchas gracias for all your hard work in getting this wonderful produce to all. Also enjoyed your video and glad to learn your company treats you all well. Feliz año nuevo!
Hi from Philadelphia! Thank you Gloria for your hard work. I used my tomatoes for a salad with romaine, arugula, cucumbers, red onion, black olives and feta cheese. Hope you have a blessed day.
Hi Gloria, spreading some cheer around and wanted you to know that you are appreciated! These were my go to snacks while studying. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones!
Thank you Gloria for you and your associates hard work. I've been buying these tomatoes for years and just noticed you on the label. I love my tomatoes and eat them nearly everyday with my lunch salads. I want you and everyone you know I do appreciate the back breaking hard work you all do. God bless you all.
Dear Gloria, hello to you from Chicago! Thank you for your hard work! I would like to congratulate you and all your colleagues and loved ones on the upcoming winter holidays. Be healthy and happy at all times! I wish your home to always have prosperity and well-being! Good luck and success to you and your family. My friendly hugs to you. Marina.
Thanks so much for a delicious dinner tonight! I hope you and your family are doing well!
Hello. I used you're tomatoes to make seven layer salad. I got them at Coopers Foods in St.Paul Minnesota. They were extremely succulent and tasty. Have a good time!
Appreciate your hard work, have a great holiday season!
Great job Gloria! Hope you have an amazing Christmas/Holiday!
I’m so glad you’ve had a good experience working at NatureSweet. Your hard work is appreciated!
Hi, Gloria. I loved reading about you and your work. And I love the Nature Sweet Cherubs. I will continue to buy them for a healthy treat.
I love how the Nature Sweet Cherubs are consistently delicious. Thank you for all you do. I enjoyed watching your video. 🍅
Hi Gloria, We were excited to learn about you when we saw you on the back of our package. The tomatoes are delicious!! Thank you!!
Hi Gloria, Here in New York City and loving these delicious tomatoes. Thank you for ensuring that I got the best ones😊😊😊
Thank you for getting a tasty and health treat to your customers.
Thank you Gloria for all you do! These tomatoes are consistently great and I will continue to buy them based on that consistency. Thanks again!
Putting your tomatoes in our salad tonight. I am grateful to you for them! Thank you.
Thank you so much for all you do. When I tell you Gloria I can’t get over these tomatoes and how fresh they are and perfectly packaged I thank you all so much. Love them
Having your tomatoes tonight with our supper. Thank you for work picking them for us!
Thank you Gloria!!!
Love these little tomatoes in salad, a snack, even sautéed with scrambled eggs. Will definitely be using these a lot.
Thank you for all you do Gloria! We love the tomatoes :)
Hi Gloria, I live in Buffalo NY. My girlfriend Patrica asked me to scan the code on your story on the back of lids. We enjoyed your story and she just loves those little tomatoes. Stay safe at work. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Thanks Gloria for the tomatoes. You do good work.
thank you for the hard work you do to feed us all!!
Thank you for packing my tomatoes they were very yummy :)
I’m sick and the tomato you packed made me feel better, thank you Gloria!
Thank you for all of your hard work to bring these beautiful tomatoes to our table! I am glad that I have a way to thank you personally! Great job on your success of motivation to others. It is so important! Keep up the good work!
Gracias por tu trabajo, Dios te bendiga
I love that the company shares with us their people who pack there produce. Thank you Gloria for your hard work😊
Great job in packing and good products 👌
Hola Gloria, me da muchísimo gusto saber que estas en I a empresa donde te encuentres bien acomodada. Estas haciendo un trabajo fenomenal y espero que sigas adelante. Espero que te tu y tu familia estén todos bien! Gracias por tu labor !
Thank you so very much for your dedication to your job and the care you put in to packaging your product. The tomatoes are so delicious that I often eat them as a snack right out of the package. Thank you again!
Gloria, gracias por tu fantástico trabajo. Estos tomatitos me encantan (sobre todo el empaque de constellation) y puedo saborear el amor con el que siembran, cosechan y empacan. Muchas gracias!
I love that they have QR codes that give us the experience of meeting the team behind the scenes of one of my favorite snacks! Thank you so much for everything you do Gloria! Because of you and your hard work, Nature Sweet Cherubs is a snack I can trust and always enjoy! Keep up the amazing work! :)
My wife and I are so happy to have seen you on our packaging. We always wonder who packs our fresh produce and this was awesome to see a hard working Latina who is family oriented and dedicated. We appreciate you and we are thankful for your hard work!
Gloria, I saw your picture on our package of tomatoes. Thank you for working hard and being a great employee. We love cherubs tomatoes! I am praying for you and your family. God bless you.
As a parent I am so happy that my children love your tomatoes. They are beautiful tomatoes and we are grateful for the opportunity to enjoy them. Thank you.
Gracias Gloria por su trabajo, lo agredezco mucho!
Hello Gloria Just want you to know I greatly appreciate your work. I can sit down and eat an entire container of Cherubs in one sitting... this would not be possible without your good work. Thank you
Dear Ms. Ruiz, Thank you for all that you do! My family enjoys the produce of which you oversee the packing. We appreciate too that you and your team have worked throughout the pandemic to provide for us all. With heartfelt thanks, Lucy
Thank you for your hard work and providing quality tomatoes to our table. We used them in our taco salad for supper tonight. All the best and Happy Holidays!
Thank you. Thank you for your many years of service, care, and attentiveness that you have demonstrated through your 17 year career. I'm grateful for the sacrifices you have made to put this clean crisp product on my table. I only see products at the store and no thought to who made it possible for all that to be there. I'm glad your company makes sure we know who's hard at work. Again Thank you.
Thank you Gloria for sharing your story! We love the Cherub tomatoes so much! When we saw your picture in the inside of the lid, I told my daughter we needed to send a message to Thank you! I hope you and your Mom have a wonderful blessed Christmas! Vanesa☺️
Hi Gloria. My husband and I eat a lot of vegetables. I think it is wonderful that Nature sweet gave us some information about who packed our produce. I am a psychologist, and I work mostly with children, who have autism. Like you, I love helping to make Christmas special for kids. I hope you and your team have a blessed holiday. Feliz Navi Dad.
You’re doing an amazing job!! Thank you for working so hard so we can have these delicious tomatoes!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!
Love the product! Packed with care!
Keep up the good work & motivating people we need it.......Merry Christmas & may you have a blessed New Year!!!!
Thank you for packing the tomatoes. We all enjoyed them. What was supposed to be a quick snack. Turned into eating the whole thing. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Hi. I'm happy to hear things are working out for you. It's because of hard-working people like you and your team that we still get to enjoy nature's bounty. Ein
Hi Gloria, Thank you so much for the work you do! I wanted to thank you because there is a shortage of positive feedback these days. So, again, thank you so much for being a part of a company whose products I enjoy. I wish you and your family a good holiday season. Take care.
Gloria, I want to say thank you so much for what you do. I really appreciate it. Have a Meery Christmas.
I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy this product so much at the end of my day after work. I eat them as they are plain and never had them in a salad. Their tartness is what keeps me coming back time and yime again, because they are hands down my absolute favorite. Please keep up the good work, and know you are very much appreciated by this humble customer.
Thank you Gloria for packing my tomatoes so nicely! They were delicious! Jennifer (Schaumburg,IL)
Fresh like Always.
All our cherubs were healthy and huge. Thank you !! Happy new year too
Hi Gloria, It was such a pleasure reading and watching your interview and what an honor that Nature Sweet Tomatoes introduced you to the world. Yes, the whole world!!! You’re amazing. Thank you Gloria for all your hard work and dedication to both the company and to your family. Wishing a Happy New Year and that 2022 be filled with good health and happiness. Take care! Sarah
Muchas gracias!!
I love this idea! I love knowing who packaged what, with pictures & a video! Makes it so much more personal. Thanks, Gloria! Keep up the great work!
A big thank you to Gloria and her team for always providing a consistent and exceptional product! Keep up the fantastic work!
I really enjoyed learning more about you through your interview and video. And our package of tomatoes was beautifully packed and are delicious. Thanks for your hard work! Kathryn from Dallas Texas
Thank you Maria It was nice to hear your story all the way from Covington Georgia USA Norma
Thank you for sharing your story and thanks for putting these delicious cherubs in my hands!😊😋 But seriously Muchas Gracias‼️
Thank you for working so hard. Our family truly appreciates your dedication to your job and family.
Hello Gloria, I love the Nature Sweet Cherubs and I purchase them weekly from Kroger in Texas. I can always count on them to taste like tomatoes!! Not all grocery tomatoes taste good. Thank you for all your hard work at Nature Sweet. Your work is appreciated. Christine
Gloria, Muchas gracias for your hard work packing these delicious tomatoes! I can’t go one day without eating them. 🙏❤️ Suzanne ☺️
Thank you for your hard work and may God bless you!
Just wanted to say thank you....every single one was perfect!!! I appreciate you!!
Gloria your cherry tomatoes are amazing
Thank you for the wonderful work you do! Much love from the USA!
Gracias Gloria
Hello, thank you and good job on 14 years!!! The kids from you city are very fortunate for you and all at NatureSweet!
Hola Gloria… I bought Cherubs today with your picture. God Bless you always! Jane B
Gracias por su trabajo y por su dedicación. Disfrutamos mucho los tomates q use para nuestro almuerzo de el fin de semana. Un abrazo ! Cuídese mucho y espero toda su familia se encuentre bien.
Gloria! Thank you for working so hard to deliver such a quality product. I am enjoying constellation tomatoes in the Bronx New York while working at Calvary Hospital. Be safe and thanks again.
Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for bringing these wonderful tomatoes to my table :) I always pick these out at the supermarket and they are delicious. They are a staple in my salads, pasta, and sandwiches and always put a smile on my face.
Associate packing engineer Gloria Ruiz did an excellent job packing my cherub baby tomato’s. I am incredibly impressed with the work you have done. As I cooked my pasta meal, I couldn’t stop thinking of you. You couldn’t get out of mind, your picture and the work you have done is filling me with a crazy passion
Gloria & Crew, Thank you all so much for all that you do everyday!!! I really enjoy the Cherub tomatoes, there is very seldom a day that there isn’t a batch on my kitchen counter! Thanks Again! Stacy
Thank you for all you do!!
Hi Maria thank you so much for working on our delicious little constellation tomatoes. They are delicious. Take good care and keep up the good work .
Gloria. Thank you so much for the work you do so that we can have fresh food on the table. I appreciate you and I hope your employer appreciates you too by paying decent wages and benefits.
great teamplay and team building Gloria. never lose focus on your teammates needs for prepperation for success. I myself as a dishwasher to execute chef and assistant manager.
I love the cherubs and it was so fun to see your picture and know that you were the one that packed these wonderful tomatoes. I hope you’re having a lovely day. God bless you. Shirley
Hi Gloria! Congratulations on your success through the years. Thank you for your hard work to ensure fresh veggies arrive in my home weekly! Wishing you and your family health and happiness, Nicole Washington DC
Thank you for all you do. You probably dont get the opportunity to hear from a customer but what you do matters and is really appreciated. Thank you!
Thank you for packing our Cherubs tomatoes! They are very good and sweet! Thank you 💓
Hi Gloria! My family and I really enjoyed your message, and it is awesome to learn how your hard work has paid off and that you enjoy what you do as well! We think that’s so cool that we could listen to your story! :)
Thank you for your hard work. Me and my daughter enjoy eating your tomatoes! Please know that you are appreciated! Take care! Richard
Nice to meet you, Gloria I am working on changing my eating habits to become healthy. I had your delicious tomatoes in a salad with Orange Glazed chicken yesterday. Thanks for caring and bringing these delicious tomato to my families table in Pennsylvania.
Greetings from South Carolina! I purchased these delicious tomatoes at Aldi. Thank you for being a part of a company that makes it possible to eat organically grown produce - and being part of the company for 14 years is quite an endorsement! Very nice to meet you.
Thank you for your work. I love the product and so appreciate what you do to get it to my table.
Nice neat and taste great!!
Hola Gloria from Chicago! I just want to thank you for growing the most delicious Cherub tomatoes in the world! They cost a little more than the others, but it's my special treat. I love the crunch and they are as sweet as candy. Thank you for your hard work, you are making many people very happy!!
Thank you for all your hard work!! :)
Every time I get my hands on these tomatoe grapes I am filled with the pleasure I get from eating. Grasias por su trabajo y cada dia Que tengo para saborar los tomates me da mucha lagrima:)
I always look for your name when I buy these tomatoes. Really always a nice selection. My daily snacking treat packed by you. Thanks
Hola Gloria! I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your hard work to help bring these wonderful tomatoes to our tables! Wishing you every happiness! Muchas gracias🥰 Sally
Hello Gloria Just wanted to send a short note to let you know your sweet little cherubs you packed made it to my home here in Omaha Nebraska. We enjoyed them last night on our salads. They are delicious. Wishing you the best always Thank you! Pam
Gracias Gloria!! Mi esposo dice que linda labor que haces y yo pienso lo mismo. Saludos
Pleased to meet you. Having Cherubs for lunch today. Very good! We live near Hannibal, Missouri. Have a great day!
Gracias for your hard work!
Thank you Gloria Ruiz for all your heard work & dedication, it truly shows in the product. My Family & I enjoy the tomatoes thank you again & please stay safe
I love tomatoes on my salad! Thank you for helping to produce a delicious product. Best wishes to u and your mom. Jody C
You go girl! I felt proud buying this product knowing the company cares about its employees and loved your story Gloria you keep going! From Chicago illinois stay blessed
Thank you for the work you do! I send you and family blessings.
Love your story and the cherubs . It’s a blessing to work for a company the recognizes their employees ! Have a blessed day!
Thank for working hard to make other people happy. - Eli, age 9
So happy to know you enjoy your work. I certainly enjoy Nature Sweet cherubs. I appreciate you and the role you play in America’s food chain. God bless!
Gracias Gloria para tu duro trabajo y mi tomates hermosos! Felicidades a tu casa nueva!
i love your tomato so much very good
These are the best tomatoes and I love to learn about the people who pick them. Thank you for your hard work!
Thanks for all you do Gloria especially through through covid.
Hi Gloria, Thank you for all your hard work. I enjoyed watching your story and am so glad you are happy with your job and the company you work for. Best wishes! Sincerely appreciative customer, Nicole and family
Thank you Gloria, From outside Washington DC, we really in really enjoy our Cherub tomatoes here in MD. I’m an avid gardener and love growing my own, but long for a quality product come winter time. Thanks again for all your team does. John Z
Thanks for all you do! We appreciate all your efforts. Best wishes for a better year ahead for all of us!
Muchas gracias, Gloria, por su trabajo. Me gusta mucho las Cherubs. Que bueno conocerle! Lastima que mi Español es tan feo... 🙃💖
Thank you Gloria for your hard work making my delicious tomatoes . Be safe and live with peace and light! KJH
Thank you for your work ethics. You are a great inspiration for hard work.
¡muchas gracias por estos tomates! Soy en Huntsville, Alabama, y me gusta mucho comida fresca.
Me alegra mucho comprar de una empresa que reconoce sus empleados. Gracias Gloria por su trabajo y por ser tan luchadora. Que siga teniendo mucho éxito en su carrera. Saludos desde Houston!
Good job Gloria!! I love Nature Sweet tomatoes and the fine job you do to get those tomatoes 🍅 to my store. Thank You!!! Stephanie
I purchased a carton of Cherubs at my grocery store in Montgomery City, Missouri. The cherubs were beautiful and tasted fresh as if they were just picked. Indeed the best ever! tasted like Summer time! I made a Black Bean and Corn salad and added the cherubs. Delicious. Thank you from my heart Gloria. God bless from Missouri!
Thank you for everything you do! It is important and appreciated. Thank you for sharing some of your story with us. I have shared it with my daughter to show her that there are people just like you in everything we use and how important it is to remember that. Good luck 🍀 and I hope you get a raise soon 😉 Kind Regards, Emily
Muy bien , buen trabajo , felicitaciones y que siga cosechando logros y exitos en su trabajo.
Thank you for your hard work. My tomatoes are packed beautifully, with a nice assortment. I’m so happy that you’ve moved up in the company and that you like to motivate your team. You have a blessed day. I’m going to be praying for you and your team. Sincerely, Rebecca
Thank you Gloria for your excellent work. High five. I really enjoyed learning about your journey. What a great idea to learn about and personally thank the experts who pack our products so we can enjoy quality food. Long life and All the best Gloria…K
I love your Organic Cherub tomatoes and buy your products every week. Thank you for your time and work to ensure we consumers get a valued product.
My family here in Montana USA loves the Constellation tomatoes. Thank you to Gloria and her team!!
HI Gloria Just wanted to share, our family Absolutely LOVED 💕 the Cherubs! Thank you for the TLC you put into them, it is greatly appreciated… -Ronnie & Family
I love my container of Cherubs I get for my salads every week or so. They make me smile! Thank you for your part in the process of getting them picked, packaged & sent out. I am also proud of you working your way up the ladder to where you are now. Congratulations! 🎉
Great to meet you Gloria! Your tomatoes arrived beautifully. Great Job and Good Luck on your Promotion ❤️ Thank you
Felicidades por todos tus éxitos y gracias por lo que haces. Bendiciones
Ola Gloria. We like the tomatoes! Thanks for your work and congratulations on the house.
Gracias por todo su esfuerzo, saludos desde Chicago.
Thanks for your work, making it possible for my household to have delicious fresh tomatoes. I’m happy that NatureSweet recognizes and rewards your hard work and leadership, and that you are no longer paying rent for housing. Gracias, mujer fuerte!
Thanks for my tomatoes!! They were 100!
Awesome tomatoes. Good job Gloria
Fantástico ver tu vídeo mientras disfruto el producto siempre! Gracias por tu dedicación!
Estamos gozando los ricos tomatos “querubines” empacados por Uds.—¡muchísimas gracias por todo lo que hace Ud. y su equipo allá! Esperándoles que todos tengan siempre buena salud con sus familias, y mucho éxito en todo lo que hacen, Camila P.
Thank you for making sure my cherub tomatoes was given to me in Good shape and fresh... Gloria, you are an awesome person.. And thanks again for good produce... 😊
Thanks you! Well job done. Cheers!!
I enjoyed reading your associate history and viewing your video. Such a cool thing to do! I saw the SKU inside my tomato container and found this fun surprise when I scanned it. Thank you for your hard work! These little tomatoes are one of my favorite treats to keep handy on my kitchen counter. 🍅 Have a fantastic day!
Hi - We are enjoying your tomatoes in San Diego, California. Thank you for sending such a fresh and healthy product. My family eats tomatoes every week. It’s a very cool idea to include this label so that I can learn more about you and your work. Gracias!
Thanks for doing what you do!!! Wish you the best and hope you and your family are healthy and safe.
Thanks for all of your hard work! Tomatoes were delicious as always. Sautéed them in avocado oil and garlic! Perfection
Hi Gloria! I love reading the stories on the NatureSweet packaging and today I read yours! Thank you for making a healthy tomato for me! :). We used it tonight in a pasta dish for dinner!
Thank You for what you do!
Thank you for such great tomatoes. They are always perfectly packed so they arrive well protected, fresh and sweet. We love them and appreciate the effort that goes into producing such delicious little treasures!
My thanks to you and your crew for the work you do. My tomatoes are great.
Thank you so much for all the hard work you do so I can enjoy there Cherub tomato’s. I hope you and your crew stay safe on the job and at home this and every season. I worked in agriculture for much of my adult life and grew up on a farm in the United States, Indiana. Take care.
It was a pleasure to watch your interview! You seem to be a kind person and a hard worker. I wish you health, happiness and security.
Hola Gloria!! FIrst time I looked up information from the label. I always buy CHERUBS however I have never seen the inside of the label. I enjoyed your story. Keep up the good work!!
Hi Gloria, I love the Naturesweet Cherubs you and your associates pack. Until I saw your profile video, I didn’t realize all the work and coordination that had to go on in the packing facility. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do. I’m 84 years old and I NEED those tomatoes! Congratulations on your new home that’s all your own. I’m really happy for you. Thank you for the work you do. I’m so glad Naturesweet provides a way for the consumer to learn about the wonderful people who bring us our food. What a treat!
Hey Gloria, just wanted to say I am really enjoying these little tomatoes. They are delicious with a slightly smoky flavor. They are all very attractive and not one is blemished. Good job! JD
Hi Gloria, I enjoy eating Cherubs salad tomatoes. Thanks to you and your team for carefully packing them so they can be sent to my local store. Mary
Thank you for your work. My Cherub tomatoes were wonderful!
Thank you for your delicious cherub tomatoes!! My salads are loved by my friends and family. The cherub tomatoes are always packaged with care. They and look and taste wonderful, and are so beautiful in my salads. Gracias!!!
I was surprised to see a link under the label because I’ve always opened my Cherubs from the yellow bottom. It was great to watch the video of Gloria Ruiz and learn about her job and the people who help bring this product to us. I was glad to hear that her job at Nature Sweet has helped her with buying a home for her and her partner. What a great way to personalize your company with the consumer. I now feel a connection to Nature Sweet, Gloria and the workers at your company. I will only be buying Cherubs from now on! Thank you for sharing your stories with us!
Thank you Ms. Gloria Ruiz for taking such care in packaging the cherry tomatoes. It’s really great to see that your hard work is recognized. I absolutely love the personal touch of your face and your name on the back of the packaging/lid. Im very happy to see that your hard work paid off and that the company promotes from within.
Thank you for all that you do!! I eat two of the 16oz packages of constellation tomatoes every day!
Hello Gloria, Thank you for your hard work all these years! I wish you the best! Thanks again, John
Thank you, Gloria, for your hard work and dedication! I love buying NatureSweet’s products even more now that I can see their employee’s stories. You are appreciated! The packing is always top quality and the product is always in perfect condition. Have a wonderful day!
Gloria - again another carton of your delicious tomatoes….. Keep up the good work. There are so many people who love what you do for them.
Hi Gloria, I was packing tomatoes at our local food pantry in Alexandria, Virginia USA and discovered your “Meet Me” label. It is very nice to meet you and listen to your interview. You and your team do great work! Thank you, Martha Shepard
I love meeting those who send me the finest product. Cherubs are the best. And packaged so well. My little granddaughters play with the plastic “bowls” before they go to recycling.
Thank you for all you do in helping bring good quality foods to our table. Our food industry does not get the thanks it deserves! ❤
Hi Gloria, Thank you for working so hard to prepare the Cherubs for me to buy. I just wanted to let you know that appreciate you and all that you do, for all of us! Sincerely, Annette Hernandez
Thank you, Gloria, for your wonderful packaging. We've started to really appreciate the nature sweet packaging, and the nice puns that are on the label. It's also nice to know that we shouldn't refrigerate them. I did this for many years.
Thank you so much for the hard work you all do daily! The cherubs are my favorite snack on the go at work!
Congrats for working your way up in your career! Thanks for your hard work! Rose
Thank you so much for packing those delicious tomatoes and they were perfect!
Hello Gloria, Just wanted to say great job! Product was perfectly packed and unblemished. I made some beautiful Cucumber bites with the cherubs as a garnish on top!!! Keep up the good work!! High Five!!! Lori
Thank you for your hard work! The cherubs make my salad taste so much more delicious. I appreciate you and thank you.
Occasionally when I eat something I sit and wonder where it came from, or who helped process/grow it, so I thought it was pretty cool to see they did this with the tomatoes I just bought. Figured I’d say hi since it gave me the opportunity!
Thank you so much for all you do to assure that your customers get a quality product! I wish you all the best!!
Thank you Gloria for taking such care in packing these sweet, delicious tomatoes ! I take them out of the package , wash them and eat them straight as they come. I want to commend you for encouraging team work and lifting up your fellow workers ! Keep doing what you do.
Hi, Mrs. Ruiz. I opened my tomatoes and saw your pic. Thank you for all you do. ❤❤❤
Thank you for your work!!
Hola Gloria! My name is within your name! G(lori)A. I watched your YouTube recording on my phone. I’m so glad you have found success and happiness with Naturesweet! We eat your Cherub tomatoes year round because their wonderful flavor reminds me of the tomatoes we grew in the garden on our Colorado farm when I was growing up. Thank you for sharing your talents, ambition & story! Vaya con Dios, Lori
Thanks for all you do!
Thank you for all your hard work!
Hi Gloria, I appreciate all you do to get those Delicious cherubs to my grocery store each week!
Thank you for providing our family your delicious Cherubs. We know you have worked hard to reach the position you presently hold. Congratulations!!! May God continue providing all that you need to support your family. John
Thank you for the delicious cherubs, Gloria!
Muchas Felicidades para tí Gloria y tu equipo de colaboradoras, es un orgullo para mi como mexicano verte en la tapa de un producto tan sabroso y de primera calidad, Felicidades también a la empresa por esta iniciativa, Enhorabuena!!!!!!
It was nice to hear your story. I’m taking care of my 96 year old mom I totally understand it’s a sacrifice but one done from a place of love. Thanks for helping produce a wonderful, healthy and delicious food I enjoy all the time. Monica
I purchased a few packages of your delicious Cherubs. Thank you Gloria for your dedication to your job and for working in the food industry. I thank you and your fellow employees for supplying the grocery stores with a quality product.
Thank you for being you! I appreciate what you do and hope you’re having a wonderful day.
I happened to see the label with your picture. I have your sweet little tomatoes and I love them. I enjoyed hearing your story and seeing the tomatoes growing! I’ve never been to a farm that huge. I am from BatonRouge, La. And I have been a nurse for 44 years. I can appreciate Your hard work and accomplishments. Good Luck to You and Keep it up!
My family just finished a meal of pizza and salad, and the most delicious part was the Cherub tomatoes! Even better, we had the opprtunity to get to meet and know you through the QR code on the label. Thank you for being an essential part in the chain of bringing the tomatoes from field to table. I said a special prayer of thanks for you when we blessed our meal. Blessings to you. Kelli, Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA
Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication! As a customer I appreciate everything you do to put food on our table! I hope you and your family are happy and healthy and continue to live a good life.
Hi Gloria just wanted to say thank you for packing our vegetables and making sure they arrive safely at our house so that our family can enjoy. Just wanted you to know you were notice today and hope you have a very nice week.
Hi Gloria, Thank you for your hard work packing these delicious tomatoes. We appreciate you!
Nice to meet you, Gloria. It’s nice knowing that real people pack my food instead of just machines. Hope you have a good day!
Thank you for all you do!!!!
Hi Ms. Ruiz It’s a great idea to learn about the people that provide our food. I enjoy the flavor of Twilights very much. Thank you and your team for all you do! Sincerely, Arlene

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