Micaela has been working with NatureSweet for 8 years. She is the ultimate team player and loves collaborating with her fellow Associates. She is happy and proud to be a NatureSweet Associate since she has made so many new friends.

“I love meeting people and I talk to everybody! I love my job! That’s it.”


People are saying

Thank you for growing the most amazing tomatoes!
Good Morning, Micaela. Your profile was featured on my recent Cherubs tomato purchase and I logged in to see your message. Thank you for your hard work and loyalty to NatureSweet. You have a wonderful attitude and nice smile. NatureSweet, what a great idea to acknowledge and feature your employees in your packaging. Your tomatoes are terrific. Thank you, Micaela and all your coworkers for a fantastic job. Hope you all have a great day today!
Hello Micaela, My daughter Quinn and I went shopping and bought a package of the Nature Sweet Tomatoes(Cherubs). They are the best tomatoes Ever and we are obsessed with how fresh and delicious they are. We appreciate the hard work you do everyday for all to enjoy!!! It was so nice to see your picture on the label and to watch your story. Thank You!!! Mike and Quinn
Dear Micaela, I was just diagnosed with a heart condition that has changed my diet significantly. I bought a pack of Cherubs to keep on my desk at work. They keep me from reaching for candy or other junk food and serve as a reminder that I have to eat right so I can watch my kids grow up. When I opened them and found your smiling face, I had to reach out and say thank you. Thank you for everything that you do to provide me and my family with these delicious tomatoes. Andy
Thank you Micaela for all you do. I enjoy the fresh tomatoes you help grow ❤ 🤗
This message goes out to not only Micaela but the whole team for that matter. I just wanted to reach out to all of you and thank you for what you’re doing over there at Natures Sweet. I watched most of you’re videos and you all seem like really awesome and genuine people. My moms buy these tomatoes for me every week, and I’m happy to be able to see that there is a great team working behind the scenes. I want you all to know you’re work does not go unnoticed, and there are many people out there that feel the same way. I hope one day I can find a job I love and that means so much to me just like you guys. Best wishes -Max
I absolutely LOVE Cherubs I tried them a few weeks ago and buy them all t5he time. The flavor is absolutely amazing. I prefer these over the other tomatoes. It is the taste that has me hooked. This is a fantastic product. I salute You Mike
I love your Cherubs. I eat 3 containers a week instead of candy.....YUMMY God Bless you all and your wonderful product.............Thanks

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