Victor has been working with NatureSweet for 12 years. He has worked hard to further his education since working at NatureSweet. Victor has learned to stay out of his comfort zone in order to make a better life for himself.

“I learned to not stay in my comfort zone which is the zone where you are at ease.”


People are saying

Victor - thank you for your hard. I’m impressed and will continue to buy your product!
A great representative for a great product …. Cherub!
Victor, los Cherubs son deliciosos. Muchas gracias. El trabajo duro paga.
Thanks for all your hard work and ensuring we get to eat these yummy tomatoes in Colorado!
Thank you for all you do! We’ve enjoyed these delicious tomatoes and loved learning more about you.
Taste Great Thanks for your dedication
Victor, I commend you for your dedication and commitment to your job! It’s’ employees like you who are an asset to your company, your customers and your family! Thank you!
Great snacks. Had for breakfast with my coffee. Thanks.
Victor great news sharing the employee experience for the customer, you’re appreciated for dedication in quality
Thank you for all your work to bring these delicious tomatoes to our family! Muchísimas gracias y feliz navidad!
Great tomatoes , Buy them at Aldi’s here in St.Louis. Eat them like popcorn. Wash then yummy. ThankYou
Thank you for all that you do and showing everyone background behind the product. You have a skill and I wish continued success to you and blessings for you family. También me gustan los tomates querubines
Tomato’s are delicious!! Great for pizza bites, thanks for the hard work! 💓
Love how you are contributing, learning and happy with your work. Thanks for your work and we love the Nature Sweet Tomatoes! Muchas gracias!
Gracias por poner todo tu esfuerzo en tu trabajo, gracias a ti y todos tus compañeros de trabajo en las distintas plantas y distintos departamentos es que toda mi familia puede comer los deliciosos y dulces tomatitos. Muchas gracias y que Dios los bendiga a todos uds los trabajadores siempre.😉🙏🏻
Way to go! May God grant you and your family the desires of your heart.
Hola, Victor! Hoy yo compré un contenedor de tomates y recibí un contenedor con su fotografía y nombre. Que bueno ver tu video y oír tu historia. Gracias por tu trabajo y por darnos tan buena comida. Con gratitud, Barb
Gracias Víctor! Por ser parte de Naturesweet y haber hecho posible que estos deliciosos jitomatitos llegaran a mi mesa. Feliz de saber que has salido de tu zona de confort y te deseo que te superes aún más y llegues a ser quien te propones. Un saludo de un corazón mexicano desde Miami Florida. 🤗
Dear Victor, Congratulations on your 12 years with NatureSweet. Congratulations on gaining self esteem that you so deserve. I must say I love Cherubs. Best wishes, Susan
Tengo mucho placer en conocerte Víctor por medio de tu entrevista de video . Doy gracias cada día cuando como los tomates Constelation por tu trabajo bonito en cuidar bien a la cosecha sabrosa en prepárala para el transporte. Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a los tuyos. Se que vas a superar!
Thank you for your hard work providing delicious fresh Cherub tomatoes. They are just great.
I always look for NatureSweet tomatoes at the supermarket because they are consistently tasty and I like the packaging. I like the little hole at the top of the package because it allows me to shake out 2-3 tomatoes, wash, and eat them. The last time I bought Glorys, I also saw the label inviting me to read about the company. It was wonderful to hear that you have worked at NatureSweet for 12 years and that your work has provided a life for you. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Now that I know more about the company and how its products are produced, I will certainly make NatureSweet my preference when purchasing produce. Good luck to you in 2022 and Happy New Year.
Hi Victor, it was so nice to see your video and hear about your job. I’m so happy that your company Nature Sweet takes time to highlight important employees Like yourself. Thanks for everything you do to enable people like myself the enjoyment of the delicious sweet tomatoes all year round!! Good people like you add so much to making our country what it is. Thanks again. Adelle
Good morning Victor, Thank you for doing you part in making such a great product. We appreciate it!! Please tell me your secret!! Have a great day, Ann
Thank you Victor very much for your good work to bring me these delicious Glorys tomatoes. They are delicious on my salads and also just by themselves as a quick snack. Blaine S Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Thank you!
Has llegado tan lejos, ¡sigue con el buen trabajo!

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