Through the work of our locally held Social Responsibility Committees, NatureSweet’s Associates continue to prioritize engagement in their communities, including improving local schools, assisting orphans and seniors, and participating in community recycling programs.

Our 2021 Community Contributions

⏰ 6,000 hours Volunteered
🍅 2.7 M pounds Donated
🏥 7,500 health kits Donated
🪁 15,000 toys Donated

We invest heavily in our Associates’ education because we value both the empowerment and greater job satisfaction it provides. That’s part of how we make sure our people and produce are always Raised Right. We believe the ability to read should never be taken for granted—so that’s why we’re continually reducing the rate of illiteracy within our workforce, which is already low compared to industry standards. Now, we’re quickly approaching our goal to eliminate illiteracy completely across our organization.

NatureSweet is committed to transforming and impacting lives through various programs:

Adult Education
Last year, 148 of our Associates in Mexico earned their high school degrees through our Adult Education program.

Adopt a School
In 2021, our Associates in Mexico adopted 10 schools where they remodeled and improved existing facilities, built playgrounds and eating areas, donated furniture and more. These efforts transformed the lives of more than 3,000 students and teachers.

Academic Excellence
NatureSweet loves to celebrate the success of our Associates and their families! Last year, our Academic Excellence program recognized more than 1,000 of our Associates’ children for their good grades. We celebrate them annually at a fun event and encourage them to continue striving for excellence.