Our Commitment To The Equitable Food Initiative

Since 2015, NatureSweet has partnered with EFI to certify our greenhouses and ensure we are meeting the industry’s highest standards for working conditions, food safety and pest management. Learn more about how we are transforming agriculture and working standards!

Discover How NatureSweet Transforms Agriculture


What We’re Doing & How We Are Accomplishing It:

  • Focused on Associate Health & Safety

    A Health & Safety Manager leads training, addresses issues and tracks and analyzes any injuries for further preventative measures.

  • Training for All Associates

    We provide extensive training opportunities for associates, and as part of the EFI certification, we focus on communication, trust, conflict resolution and problem solving.

  • Engaging Associates in Labor/Manager Collaboration

    A collaborative work team representing both workers and managers has been created to reflect the workforce in terms of gender, regions and work functions. This EFI Team meets regularly to identify and address issues to improve working conditions. All associates are encouraged to submit issues, ideas and suggestions to the team to make our greenhouses healthier and better places to work.

  • Commitment to a Respectful Workplace

    Providing all associates with a place to share their ideas, transformational wages and a trusting work environment without retaliation creates a place where people and tomatoes flourish.


What We’re Doing & How We Are Accomplishing It:

  • Creating a Culture of Food Safety

    All associates are trained to recognize and respond to food safety hazards. They also are trained in a detailed health and hygiene policy, where they also learn to identify illness and will be re-assigned to tasks not involving direct contact with produce.

  • Traceability

    Product can be traced from the customer back to the point of production within hours.

  • Assessing Systems

    Water sources and systems are assessed for risk, quality and safety standards. Our facilities, equipment and procedures are designed and monitored to reduce potential for contamination from water, allergens, microbials and chemicals.


What We’re Doing & How We Are Accomplishing It:

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

    NatureSweet leads with an approach of integrated pest management (IPM) which focuses on long-term prevention through ecosystem management. IPM drives all pest management decisions and reduces the risk to people and the environment. We monitor regularly to identify pests and determine if they are a threat. If found, we employ a host of methods - biological, cultural and physical - prior to use of chemical controls.