Sustainability & Conservation

How We Treat Mother Nature Right

Sustainability means raising tomatoes right without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It only makes sense—without Mother Nature’s bounty, we wouldn’t have the ability to keep growing. See how we help make the planet a little brighter with our practices.

  • Recycling

    Associates led community programs that collected more than 15,600 pounds of recyclable materials, including PET plastics and other materials.

  • American Chamber of Commerce Mexico

    We’re part of the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico, AC, a non-profit organization that aims to promote trade between Mexico and the United States based on business ethics, corporate social responsibility and free trade.

  • Sustainability Programs

    Leveraging their professional expertise, our Associates supported tree-planting programs and made improvements at a local water-treatment facility.

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  • SQF Certification

    SQF is a food quality and compliance management system based on analyzing risks and critical control points.

  • Community-Building

    Sustainability means more than just an immediate impact to the environment – it’s also about creating sustainable communities for our Associates. We have created groundbreaking social responsibility programs that help our local communities grow and prosper by the hands & hard work of our Associates.

  • University Of Arizona Collaboration

    In 2019, University of Arizona Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Department students made four visits to our Willcox facility. We hope to continue this after the pandemic.

  • Community Support

    Associates helped their communities by visiting homes for senior citizens, hosting toy drives for orphanages, collecting sports equipment for schools, and providing medical assistance to families in need.


NatureSweet is the leading grower of the best-tasting fresh tomatoes in North America which is why corporate responsibility is important to us. We operate five greenhouses and employ more than 5,000 full-time Associates. As part of our commitment to our standards, learn more about our growing philosophy.

We Believe in Continuous Improvement

A year-round growing season is central to our business, production and resource-management approach. With year-round production, our full-time associates are able to develop and maintain specialized skills across the full spectrum of production — from seed plantings, greenhouse growing techniques and harvesting, to packaging and resource management. This enables continuous innovation and improvement in our products, people and sustainable-management practices.

Growing From Seedlings

  • NatureSweet® tomato seeds are developed by traditional methods and are never genetically modified. Our tomatoes begin with seeds that have been naturally selected for their superior taste. We then disinfect and germinate them under sanitary conditions. We do this in order to prevent plant disease – even in the early stages of the seedling’s growth.

  • Water for irrigation at all of the greenhouses is drawn from NatureSweet’s own water wells, drilled hundreds of feet deep and monitored regularly for purity.

  • Our greenhouses are covered with thick, opaque insect-proof covering. This allows for natural sunlight and air circulation to occur while protecting the plants from outside pests. Brightly colored sticky yellow sheets are placed throughout the greenhouses act like giant traps and provide for natural insect control. All pesticides that are used exceed all U.S., FDA and EPA regulations.


Only the ripest tomatoes are harvested from the vine, chosen for their color, fragrance, firmness and weight so that they meet the expectations of even the most discriminating shopper. Unlike some other producers who pick their tomatoes green, and then gas them with ethylene to induce ripening, NatureSweet® Tomatoes are allowed to fully ripen on the vine. This method produces exceptional flavor and consistent quality year-round.

Quality Control

The quality of our fruit is maintained not only through our strict processes, but also by the dedication of our farmers. Generations of experience gives them an inherited pride for their craft.

Once the fruit is selected, weighed and packed, NatureSweet® tomatoes are carefully placed in boxes that contain specific growing and harvesting information for 100% product traceability. Our shipping crates have been specially designed to protect the tomato quality and improve airflow.

Our Production Plants

NatureSweet® tomatoes are 100% greenhouse-grown in a controlled environment, from the seeds, to the growing medium, to the water that is used. NatureSweet® tomatoes begin with seeds that have been selected for their superior taste and all plants are nurtured with a “secret recipe” of water and nutrients.

Our Facilities

NatureSweet greenhouses and packaging facilities are located in both Mexico and Arizona.

Our Mexico facilities include: Colima, Nayarit, San Isidro, Zapotlán and Tuxcacuesco, with Arizona facilities located in Snowflake and Wilcox, Ariz.


Located in western Mexico not far from the Pacific coast, our plant is situated in a valley between two volcanoes, the active Volcan de Fuego and the dormant snow-capped Volcan Nevado de Colima. Built in 1999, Colima’s plant is blessed with year-round warm weather, and is home to more than 760 associates and 197 acres.


Built in 2008, our Nayarit Plant is located in Santa María del Oro, a municipal seat in the Mexican state of Nayarit, famous for the crater lake of the same name, located east of the town. Blessed with sunny year-round weather, the plant is home to more than 700 associates and 135 acres.

San Isidro

Located in San Isidro Mazatepec, just 45 minutes outside of Guadalajara, México. This plant was built in 1993 at 4,330 feet above sea level with 195 acres of high-technology greenhouses and more than 1,300 associates. It’s also home to our revolutionary grafting team with three acres of specialized equipment and more than a 100 associates.

Business offices are located in San Antonio, Texas, and Guadalajara, Mexico.


Chosen for its Mediterranean-style environment, the Tuxca valley offers warm, dry weather all year-round, ideal for providing you with the best vine ripened tomatoes during any season. Built in 1999, the plant currently holds 281 acres and offers work for more than 1300 associates.


Located in sunny southern Arizona, known for high-desert weather year-round, the plant is home to more than 600 associates and 239 acres.


Zapotlán el Grande, also known as Ciudad Guzmán, is located in the Mexican state of Jalisco, just 124 km south of Guadalajara, at a height of 4,944 feet above sea level. The plant currently holds 318 acres of high technology greenhouses, offering jobs to more than 1,700 associates.