Alfredo finally found a job he loves at NatureSweet. He now is an active listener and has changed his attitude around life because his mind set has changed.

“That change is something I truly feel.”


People are saying

Thanks for quality and freshness, and all of the hard work that you and your crew does!
Best tomatoes EVER! Thank you!
Thanks for yummy tomatoes!! Love Josie and Kate age 2 and 4.
Alfredo, mucho gusto. I appreciate the work you do to keep the tomatoes coming and to keep everyone safe. My husband is also in maintenance, so I know how important your work is to everyone whether they know it or not! You look like a man who takes his job seriously, and your skills are highly valuable to all. Be safe, and thank you!
Felicidades! Y gracias por los tomates deliciosos. A mi me gustan mucho!
Hi Alfredo! I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated and Thank You So Much for All Your Hard Work!!! Take care
Keep up the good work, Alfredo! Your picture was on our package here in Kansas, USA. It was fun to look up your story. My kids love your tomatoes! We appreciate all you do!
Hi Victor, I read your bio! Thank you for picking my cherub tomatoes ! Delicious Lori
Hi Alfredo, So nice to meet you! You’re doing an amazing job with the tomatoes! I really enjoy them and buy them often! So glad to hear you enjoy the work and it enriches your life. Pam

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