Gloria has been with NatureSweet’s Zapotlan plan for over 14 years! She loves to participate in the community programs that NatureSweet organizes.

“This means a lot to me because that makes me feel proud.”


People are saying

Thank you for all your hard work. I enjoy the Cherub Tomatoes Soo much!
Hi!!! Just wanted to say Thank you.
Thank you Gloria for your hard work!
I was so surprised to see your face inside my tomato’s package. Tell your team I said a “Big Thank You” Sending my best to Mom too Keep up the good, honest, hard work. ☺️
While slicing, dicing & enjoying, I am grateful for you and others who provide my food. Thanks for all you do, with much love too
Hey G! My tomatoes were well packed and no bruising also very luscious! Your video was inspirational!
Thank you Gloria! You’re an inspiration! Thank you for the tasty tomatoes!! 😎
Thank you for your hard word. You are appreciated 💕
Thank you for your hard work❤️
I love your tasty cherry tomatos and the cute container they are packed in, so convenient. Good job Gloria 👏
Gloria, we appreciate your hard work, and that of your entire team. Thanks for your dedication to keeping us well-fed.
Gloria, thank you for your hard work at shipping out the tastiest CHERUBS HEAVENLY SALAD TOMATOES. I eat them for snacks and in a salad.
Keep up the great work . I bought these in Aldi's they are great and hope to keep getting them in the store these were the heirloom. Stuff here in Myrtle Beach are hard to come by so hope to get more THANK YOU ALL
Thank you for all you do! God Bless! Michael
i can't believe you work so hard just for me to sit here eating tomatoes on the couch! after some research because of your account and you work so hard!! thank you for everything you do!
Thank you for everything you do !!!!!
I'm a huge fan of global-local, and I love knowing who is a part of our food chain! Thank you so much! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!! God bless you!! 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅 Thank you!!!!
Thank you for helping to feed the hungry. Your hard work is appreciated, Gloria! Keep up the great work!
Thank you for all the hard work the great tasting red tomatoes merry x mas God bless you and your family
I Love my cherubs Gloria! Thank you for your hard work we appreciate you and your team!! Happy Holidays!!
I loved your tomatoes in Washington DC. Thanks
Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful holiday & New Year
Gloria.. thank you for all that you do! Your hard work is so very appreciated!
Glad you are doing well and it’s great you have a leadership role. Your tomatoes are yummy. Please pass along my appreciation to your team. Happy holidays!
Eating your tomatoes in a salad now. They are perfect. Thank you for all the hard work you do! You are very appreciated!!
Thank you Gloria! We love these tomatoes and they usually never make them home because of how much we love them! Thank you for all you do !
Thank you for the tomatoes! They are super delicious especially with salt and pepper. I currently changed my diet and these definitely help with being on the go, I eat them like grapes (: thank you Gloria!
Hello from Ohio! I'm thankful for all you do to help provide us with the very best. I'm a big fan and purchase only your products.
Thank you for all of your hard work. I am a foster mother of a young girl, and she LOVES eating tomatoes! I work a full time job, as I know you do, and it means a lot to be able to buy, wash, and give these tomatoes to my young girl. I wish you the best life possible as you work to support your mother. My Bible says “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an honest woman, working a full time job, and supporting your family. I honor you for what you do! Blessings to you!
Thanks for the tomatoes
Thank you for sending wonderful tomatoes
Thank you Gloria!
Gracias por todos tus esfuerzos!!!
Muchas gracias por su trabajo duro. Yo vivo en Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and no hay muchas tomates que me gusta después el verano. Pero, es Octubre y los tomatoes de Nature Sweet son sabrosos. !Gracias!
Hola Senora Gloria, Espero que este mensaje te ecuentre bien. Estoy bien feliz porque acabo de ver tu historia. Hace mucho tiempo que estoy comprando tus tomatitos, son mis mas favoritos, y asi me gustan mas porque puedo ver las historias de todos los trabajadores y saber que los estan tratando bien. Muchisimas bendiciones a tu y tu familia, y muchisimas gracias por todo tu buen trabajo. :)
Thank you for sharing your story. I love the sweet tomatoes.
!Gracias por usted trabajas! Mi esposa es una Vargas. Ella familia es de Peru, pero vivimos en Carolina Sur, Estados Unidos. Gracias tambien!
Gloria, Hola desde NY! Gracias a ti por todo lo que haces, cada día. We truly enjoy Nature Sweet produce including Cherubs. Feliz Navidad.
Thank you for what you do. Great job. Love the little message. Peek here to lettuce out 😊. Enjoy your day
My favorite. Always enjoyable, so your hard work is much appreciated. Hopefully one of the actual workers gets to read this and not just someone in the office.
Thanks for the tomatoes, Gloria. I appreciate your hard work. These tomatoes are delicious as a snack or as part of a meal. Congratulations on your position as line manager! - Nola
Thank you so much for all of your hard work - the cherubs are delicious and all perfectly ripe! I hope you and your mother have a lovely day!
Thank You for the tomatoes you picked for me and my family. I can tell you took your time to make sure they were perfect. I appreciate your time and dedication to yourself first and then your work. I pray you get more money for your work. You deserve it. Daphne

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