Lazaro has been working at the Colima plant for over 11 years! He has taken the opportunities that NatureSweet has provided. Through his dedication to his work he’s been able to buy a house and is motivated to continue to strive for greatness by his family.

“NatureSweet is my second home.”


People are saying

Hi Lazaro! Greetings from Maryland where I buy NatureSweet Cherubs. Thank you so much for all that goes into getting them to me. I love peeling off your names & photos and reading about you!!!
Thank you for the hard work you do. I buy your tomatoes every week. I want you to know that I appreciate what gets these tomatoes to me. YOU!! Gracias!
Lazaro, Thank you for your hard work you do! I work in a grocery store and I use your tomatoes in many things I prepare for our customers in our grab and go section. I enjoy peeling back the label and seeing many of your associates pictures that work in your facility.
Mr. Pastelín, Thanks for the Cherubs, I ate them, all of them... My mother was saving them for a salad but Cherubs are just so delicious, I had to eat them. I wish you and your family all the best.
Thank you for harvesting these tomatoes so we can enjoy them in our home! We love that we can learn about where our food comes from! -Finger Lakes region, NY
Muchísimas gracias por su trabajo. ¡Mis tomatoes son ricos, deliciosos, perfectos!
I want to thank you very much for providing the cherry tomatoes that I love so much. I'm a gardener so I know what back-breaking work the picking must be and want you to know how appreciative I am. My area is too shady to grow many veggies, only a few tomatoes and even those don't ripen very well so your vegetables are very special to me!
I ate the baby tomatoes you pick out you did a great job picking them out. you and your family have a good thanks giving.
Hi Lazaro, I just opened my package of Cherubs, saw your picture, and decided to check out your story. Thank you for what you do and I wish you and your family the best in these times. Stay safe!
I am always grateful to the people who work to grow the food on our table. It is nice to "meet" one of those hard workers. Muchos gracias!
Gracias! These tomatoes are delicious!! Appreciate your work....

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