Lola’s dedication to NatureSweet’s growing story is impressive. She’s been working in the highly important Grafting area of our greenhouses for more than 17 years. Isn’t that amazing? “I like my work and especially the area where I have been working,” Lola explains. “Some of the programs I appreciate at NatureSweet are their family counseling programs. After counseling with my son, we are now a more united family! I have learned that everyone is better working as a team.” Go Lola, we appreciate all your hard work and dedication.


People are saying

I appreciate your organic grape tomatoes. I noticed the story QR code on the label for the first time and I was curious. Although I have purchased them before I never noticed QR codes. My Great Grandmother was named Lola and I have always loved her name, so much so, that I wanted to change my name to hers. I thank you for dedication to your job for 17 years. I could only pray to God that I would find a job that I like and stay as long as you have on your job. Nature Sweet, thank you. Your product is greatly appreciated because I have to watch what I eat since my body is so sensitive to fruits & vegetables grown with chemicals. Thanks to your whole staff and God speed 8n your endeavors.
Hi, Lola! Thank you for helping provide fresh and great quality tomatoes to so many families. It's hard work, especially the sacrifices you've made to continue to make this happen. Thank you for NatureSweet to enable us to send our thanks to these wonderful workers. I hope you stay in good health and your family continues to prosper from your hard work.
We thank you for your assistance in providing us with awesome Cherubs!
Thank you for helping feed our family, Lola. I know it’s hard work. Layer on top of that trying to raise children, particularly while holding a job. I’m also grateful to Nature Sweet for giving us the chance to thank you personally.
Hi Lola, thank you for your hard work and dedication. I’m so happy for you and your sons relationship, I too have a son, cherish everyday with him. This was really awesome to meet you, and the people that help bring such great produce to our tables. Thank you Lola, Bobbi
Gracias Lola!
Thank you so much for your dedication to you job! My family and I are enjoying our salad tomatoes this evening for dinner. It's nice that counseling is working for you and your family. It's more fun being on the same team!!
Lola, so nice to meet you!! Thank you for your hard work growing yummy tomatoes for everyone to enjoy!! GRACIAS
Thank you for all that you do!
Thank you for everything you do! You're much appreciated ❤️
Thank you Lola for all that you do !God Bless you and your family 🩷
Lola, Thanks for the work you do to help grow the sweet tomatoes that I love to eat. Keep up the good work. Congratulations to you and your son.
Thank you Lola for all the hard work you do. God Bless 🩷
Thank you, Lola, for your dedication to this company, and congratulations for 17 years of learning and growing in your job! Amazing story! Wishing you many more years of success and continued love and support within your family.
Thank you!! ❤️
Thank you for all that you do. I'm glad to hear you have a better relationship with your son. I hope you get many happy years of growth together.
Thank you Lola for your hard work! May God bless you and your family!
LOLA SANTEÑO You have such a beautiful smile and spirit! I’m sure you are very happy and pleasant to work with and 17 years shows your exceptional pride in your work! We enjoy the cherry tomatoes each week and they are delicious! Wishing you and your entire crew and family the very best!!
Thank you, Lola! I appreciate you and your hard work very much. Your dedication inspires others. I wish you good health and much happiness.
Many blessings to you and your family! Thank you for all you do!!!
Thank you, Lola for your hard work!
Thank you Lola for your dedication in producing such delicious product.
Thank you Lola for all your hard work in providing us with a great and tasty product!
Just opened a pack of nature sweet glories. Thank you for your hard work farming and grafting delicious tomatoes for us all to enjoy!!!
17 years says a lot about your work ethic and the company you work for! So happy that NatreSweet provides such important programs, such as counseling, for the employees and their families.
Hi Lola! Hope you are doing good. Just a thank you for your work.
So great to hear your story! Thank you for sharing Lola!
Hi! The tomatoes that you help to grow are SOOOOO good! Thank you for your hard work!
Love your cherubs! My husband eats them like I eat candy!
Thanks for your work - you are sending love and goodness to tables everywhere.
Just love seeing people who enjoy their jobs and are appreciated by their employers. You have a beautiful smile, Lola! Keep up the great work...everyone!
Thank you Lola, for all you do! I have 2 packages of the yellows and they are so sweet and crunchy. I love them mixed in vegetables or just popping them in my mouth.
Hi Lola, thank you for sharing your story and living your passion. I love hearing about people who also have a personal journey they are growing in, best wishes with your relationship with your son, your tomatoes taste fantastic!
Hi Lola happy Easter ! Loved your story and thank you so much for picking the best tomatoes. They are very sweet. I used them to make two pasta salads today and everybody loved them. Always be proud of what you do and I know that you are. :) Christine
Hi Lola, We made a nice salad with your tomatoes. Even though we are just out of winter in New Jersey, it tasted like summer. Al
What a fun idea! Happy to hear your happy story of employment. Thank you for your hard work and providing a quality product for families.
Your story is amazing! So proud of you!!!
These are amazing! Thank you for your incredible work and dedication :)
Lola- LOLA these were the best batch in a long time. Nailed it
I love love your tomatoes!!! I call them my candy. I keep a tub weekly and just reach in and grab a few. Thank you for doing a great job grafting.
Thank you for all the years and hard work that you put into the tomatoes as they are delivered to families all over. They are delicious and I love the packaging. I use them for cooking, my salads and sometimes just as a snack!😀
I appreciate you for your hard work and skills grafting tomatoes. I grew up on a citrus ranch and there were not many females who could graft. I applaud you for being an inspiration!
Gracias Lola por todo su dedicación para estas ricas tomates!
I love these tomatoes!!! Thank you Lola! Nancy
Thank you so much for bringing these tomatoes to me! They’re so good and make me look forward to making salads :)
Thank you for your hard work. I love the tomatoes!!
Hi Lola, I’m a newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic and Cherubs are a really healthy snack for me as well as a great addition to my salads. They’re tasty & I can grab them for a quick bite that won’t cause my blood sugars to spike. They’re a bright addition to my life! Keep up your good work!
Great job and thank you for your hard work and your team work! I’m enjoying your tomato now as I’m writing this message :-)
Thank you Lola for your faithfulness in grafting and making quality tomatoes available to us in the Midwestern US year round. Glad you're taking advantage of the employee benefits. I've also found counseling very helpful. God bless you!
Love cherubs. Thanks for all u too our hard work!!! Your story is uplifting
Thank you Lola! Quality product!
Just wanted to say thank you Lola for doing such a good job. I really enjoy the little sweet tomatoes that you grill. Keep up the great work!
Thank you for what you do. The tomatoes are so delicious!
Thank you! Your hard work is much appreciated!
Thank you for your hard work! I love the cherubs! Happy New Year!
Thank you for doing your work with pride and grace!
Lola, I love that you have shared your story. I’m a gardener myself and have always wanted to work on a big farm. Keep up the amazing work Lola. Happy New Year Roni
Thank you for your hard work! You are appreciated!
Hello this message is for you to tell you how amazing I think you are thank you for your delicious tomatoes and vegetables it is so appreciated
Thank you for your hard work and dedication Lola! It’s great to hear you and your family are more united. Gracias a ti y todos los que trabajan tan duro :)
Thank you for your work Lola! We are grateful for your delicious tomatoes! And also for sharing what is good about your job. Best wishes to you and your son😊
Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. Well done! Happy and blessed Holidays!
Thanks, Lola, for sharing your work story with us. It's a pleasure to get to know you a little bit. I am impressed with how your work has been able to help you in your personal life, with your son, as well. That can be so helpful to people. I've been there. Best wishes to you and your family. I'll think of you as I eat those yummy tomatoes!
Appreciate your hard work and dedication. My family in California enjoys your tomatoes all year long. Muchas gracias Lola.
Good luck with your son Lola! At 18 they know everything! 😁. Just love them!
We truly enjoy your company’s tomatoes. They are perfect for salads and are ripe for eating the day we buy them. Thank you and the entire NatureSweet team for wonderful little gems.
Thank you for being you and for grafting for over 17 yrs! I love the tomatoes!! 🍅
Thank you!
Thank you so much for providing us with your fresh tomatoes. During these difficult times I try to be more aware and grateful for those who work hard to provide food for others. Thank you for all you do. Best Wishes
Hi! I purchase these tomatoes all the time but I noticed just today that I can learn about an employee of the company! My son, Tanner, who is one year old, LOVES your tomatoes!! We keep them in our house all the time! Thank you for your hard work and for bringing goodness into our home!!
This is the first time I have purchased this brand of tomatoes. I was intrigued by the picture and the QR code, so I had to scan it! Thank you for your example of dedicated hard work, Lola! 17 years is a long time! I'm happy that this company was able to provide you therapy with your children and you are able to have a nice relationship with them.
Hello to Ms Lola: as I’m sauteying shrimp, sweet onions & garlic with pasta & fresh spinach, thanks to you, tossing in your sweet cherubs will absolutely make the dish! Merry Christmas Lola! Leslie S
These were some of THE BEST grape tomatoes I’ve EVER had, & I grow them myself in the summer months. Thank you and bless you for what you do. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Thank you for all that you do!
Thanks for packaging our tomatoes where I work at we appreciate you
Your "Cherubs" are fantastic! I made a Cherub and garbanzo bean salad this evening with a balsamic vinaigrette and topped with feta cheese. Yummy! Thank you!
Thank you, Lola for growing our favorite tomatoes. We go out of our way to get them at Aldi’s. They are very sweet, unlike all the others. I am happy you like working there and it sounds like they care about you. I hope you and your son continue to do well. Family means everything.
Such perfect tomatoes for my dish! Thank you so much for all the hard work! Gracias! Hebe
Thank you Lola for all that you do. My 5 year old son Christian loves these cherubs and eats them everyday at school. Hope you have a beautiful happy and healthy New Year! Dulce
Lola - Hello, from Queens, NYC. Your work in the grafting division sounds very interesting. Thanks for all you do to bring tasty tomatoes to my grocery store - and my kitchen! Joanna
I purchased 2 packages of Nature Sweet Cherubs and love them. Very fresh and clean. I just love eating them plain. Thank you for making my day just a little better.
Thank you for your hard work and the beautiful product that you produce may God bless you and your family continue health
I love the little Glory’s tomato’s. I use them in salad and just recently a macaroni salad recipe. Keep up the good work! Jeff.
Thank you so much for making Cherubs so delicious. They're always the tastiest tomato I can buy and I know that means they're the healthiest, too.
Dear Lola, Thank you for harvesting my delicious cherub tomatoes! They are so sweet and yummy. Thank you for you hard work, it is appreciated!
I love Cherubs, they are a healthy food for me and my husband. Heart healthy and thank you for making it possible for us to have such a treat. So glad you are getting along with your son. I too had some communication problems with kids .Counseling made us better!
Thank you for your hard work and for feeding us. You are important and you matter! ❤️
Excellent product. I enjoy eating Cherubs straight from the container.
I really like the way your label gives information in a cute fashion…as if the tomatoes were alive and needed to be treated carefully. I also like getting to meet your staff on the reverse of the label.
Hola Lola, muchas gracias por su trabajo y por poner comida en nuestra mesa. Se que no es fácil pero se lo agradecemos mucho yo y mi familia. También me da gusto que miró a una terapeuta. Yo soy terapeuta y me de gusto que más hispanos miran a terapeutas.
Saw your photo on my tomatoes and wanted to thank you for your expert grafting skills. Sometimes we need to stop and thank the people who bring us our lovely healthy food. I am celebrating you as part of our Women’s celebration for our Daughters of the American Revolution chapter. You are wonderful and talented!
Hello Lola I want you to know I think you are doing a fabulous job of grafting. The sweet Twilights are my favorite. Keep smiling! You and you son in my thoughts💜 Fondly Eileen
Muchas gracias, Senora Santeno! Your tomatoes are my favorite!
I saw the lable and under your name it said grafting. I am a gardener and blight has taken hold in my Georgia, USA garden. This year will be my first attempt at grafting. I hope mine turn out as good as the little Cherubs!
Thank you for your hard work! Loving your beautifully grafted tomatoes in Yuma Arizona!
Hola Lola, Gracias por todo que lo haves en su trabajo y en su casa con la familia. Tambien tango in teenager-hija de 17 años, y me es facil. 😉 Voy a orar para ti, que Dìos te lo bendiga.
Thank you so much for a very tasty tomatoes! I appreciate everything you do!
Gracias for the beautiful and delicious tomatoes!
Thank you for all your hard work, my family appreciates you!
We are loving the Cherubs that we buy in Raleigh NC. There is a blessing said by my family before eating, and part of blessing the food is "bless the hands that prepared it". Thank you, Lola. Take Good Care.
Gracias Lola for your dedication. I love the NatureSweet tomatoes. Thank you for your hard work. I am glad you and your son are getting along much better. Looks like a great place to work. Blessings, Yahaira
Thank you so much for your work everyday!! My Wife and I love theses Tomatoes! Tell the others we say Hello and Thanks!
Thank you for your hard work. It is so good to get to know the people who bring food to my home in Philadelphia. There are many choices for cherry tomatoes in our grocery store but I have always liked NatureSweet best. I now can see why. You have a great team!
Thank you for your hardwork and dedication to getting beautiful produce to families. We appreciate you!
Thank you for your commitment to excellence and for delivering a delicious product for our families.
Lola: Thank you for your hard work! I love the tomatoes you grow. And congratulations on the good communication you have reached with your son. That is wonderful. -Marriot
Lola, Thank you for your contribution in getting fresh produce to the table for me and my family. Your hard work is appreciated 👍🏽👍🏽
Way to go Lola! Thank you for your 17 years of loyal work!!! You are appreciated!!! I love the Cherubs! Thank you for letting us meet your associates!!!
So glad that you have work for such a good company. Good luck with your future and that of your family. Sinceramente, Maria Volce
Thank you for all your hard work.
Acabamos de disfrutar unos Cherubs muy dulces, gracias a usted. ¡Que siga trabajando en buena salud!
Love my Cherubs. Thanks. Wishing you and your family success. May God Bless you all
Keep doing what you doing. I love the comets. They make any dish a whole lot better ☺️... And thank you for your hard work!!!

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