20 Minutes
Preparation time
Course Type: Appetizers, Vegetarian Dishes, Holiday Dishes, Tomatoes,

Holiday Medley Wreath

Simple and festive, this holiday appetizer will be the highlight of your tablescape.

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20 Minutes
Preparation time
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1 pint NatureSweet® Holiday Medley Constellations®
1 (8 ounce) container fresh mozzarella Ciliegine
35 to 40 basil leaves
35 to 40 3-inch skewers
reduced balsamic, glaze
kosher salt, for serving
freshly ground black pepper, for serving
crostini, for serving - optional


Put on your favorite snowflake apron, gather NatureSweet® Holiday Medley Constellation® tomatoes and basil. Rinse and pat dry.
Drain mozzarella, rinse, and dry. Slice them in half.
Thread a bamboo skewer with basil, followed by your mozzarella, then a Holiday Medley Constellation®.
Arrange skewers into a circle to create a fun and festive holiday wreath.
Serve with balsamic glaze, freshly ground pepper, sea salt, and toasted crostini.
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