75 min.
Preparation time
Course Type: Entrees, Tomatoes, Peppers, Soups/Stews,

Pork Chop Stew

Enjoy this hearty and flavorful pork chop stew, perfect to pamper your loved ones at home or just to make on a rainy day. 

This recipe contains:
Mixed Bell Peppers
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75 min.
Preparation time
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Pork Chop Stew
3 NatureSweet® Mixed Bell Peppers
3 tablespoons butter
3 pork chops
salt and pepper
2 tablespoons flour
1 cup onion
2 tablespoons garlic
1 cup celery
2 cups Constellation®
1 cup tomato purée 
2 tablespoons paprika
2 cups water
2 cups carrots
2 cups potatoes


On a chopping board, cut NatureSweet® Mixed Bell Peppers into small-sized cubes, trim, and seed. Set aside.
Season pork chops with salt and pepper on both sides.
In a slow cooker, add butter and cook pork chops for 5 minutes on each side. Remove from pot and set aside.
In the slow cooker, add butter and flour, and cook for 2 minutes. Add onion, garlic, and celery. Cook for 5 more minutes or until they turn color. Be careful not to burn flour, keep heat low. Once they have turned color, add Constellation®, tomato purée, paprika, water, carrot, potatoes and return pork chops to slow cooker. Cover and cook 20 minutes. Be careful to add enough water to keep from burning. Add a little water if slow cooker begins to run dry. Season with salt and pepper and cook for 4 more minutes.
Serve in the same pot with sliced bread on the side.
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