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NatureSweet is the number-one brand of tomatoes in the United States and we could use your help. We’re looking for passionate team players dedicated to delivering the freshest, highest-quality tomatoes. And if you want to make a difference in the lives of over 6,000 associates, that helps, too. Check out our openings below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Career Opportunities at NatureSweet

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I fully realize that 99.9% of comments companies get are negative. I want to make sure you know how much I love your product! I am a college student studying nutrition (dietetics). Every day I learn complicated mechanisms and physiological process. From everything I've learned, it really boils down to eating a variety of food, ESPECIALLY fruits and vegetables. Fruits are easy to get in a diet, but vegetables are much more difficult. Although I may eat 2 cups of raw broccoli in one sitting- that's not a typical American eating behavior! Ever since I was little, my parents have had a small garden each summer. Every year the produce would change but there was ALWAYS fresh tomatoes. Delicious, amazing tomatoes. Any store-bought tomato just pales in comparison. However I consistently buy your cherubs over and over again, and the taste and quality has been consistently fantastic! The taste is beyond anything else you get in a regular tomato in any store! For my career, I will be counseling clients that want to change their lifestyle. I know without a doubt that a cheap, delicious way to get more vegetables in their diet is to add these tomatoes. Even better, is they can quickly dress up a simple salad, and are easily packed so that they can be taken anywhere, and even re-sealed in the package. Although tomato-based sauces are still good, the fresh tomatoes themselves are even better nutritionally! Thank you so much for this wonderful product. Tomatoes have such amazing physiological benefit, and I always find at least 1-2 packages of the cherubs in my shopping cart each week!
Cherubs -Provo, UT
Hi! I just purchased the On the Go Cherriots! So sweet and delicious! I actually purchased them to snack with but as a last minute lunch, I just poured them over some mixed greens and added a citrus dressing. Made what I thought would be a not so exciting salad Spectacular! The cherriots were so flavorful! The salad was so good as is, I made the same thing for lunch the next day! Thank you NatureSweet!
Christina -Villa Park, IL
Perfect! Was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and now downsized to Govt. subsidized apt. and introduced to the Food Stamp program. Cooking a meal is disastrous and cutting board sliding and food on floor then into garbage. Lots of frustration and tears daily in my new life. I recently took a serious financial leap and purchased a container of your NatureSweet Cherub Tomatoes (7.8% of my Food Stamp stipend) to gift myself a small smile of relief from slicing tomatoes and having them, cutting board and sharp knife all crash onto the floor followed my more tears. I was most mistaken in thinking I was granting a small smile to myself. Oh my gosh! I have saved money, time and frustration. Your Nature Sweet Cherubs are indeed expensive (for me) but each perfectly ripened, sweet, juicy burst, puts a HUGE smile on my face! No more cutting board and sharp knife, spoiled tomatoes, sloppy produce bag in fridge, then a ziplock baggie (more expense) for left-overs… you have achieved PERFECTION with your Cherubs and the container. LOVE the hassle-free container! You just never think of hassle of the smallest tasks, until someone produces the ANSWER to perfection. Thank you! I'll be sharing my new find with the other 50 apts. of disabled and elderly here in this building. Good day!
Cherubs -Brownwood, TX

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